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Upcoming Spark Logistics Official ATS convoy on 04/18/2021

By N0fear92   |   30 Apr 11:23 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Spark Logistics ATS official convoy


From: Bakersfield - Wallbert

To: El Centro - Sunshine Crops

Route Lenght: 435mi

Server: Simulation

Time & Date: GMT+4 7:30 PM 04/18/2021







Convoy Rules:

1. Before/After convoy:

1.1. Park in a line if there is no space left park behind them or somewhere else

1.2. When you've parked please keep your gear in neutral

1.3. No Horn/Honk Spam

1.4. Keep your beacons turned off

1.5. Turn off your engines once you've parked

2. When convoy starts:

2.1. Leave one at a time

2.2. Stay in a line and don't rush

2.3. Follow convoy controller instruction to know where the convoy is heading to

3. While convoying:

3.1. Keep distance of 80m

3.2. Do not overtake unless you've been asked to

3.3. Follow others and keep a straight lane

3.4. Do not try to crash someone on purpose

3.5. Do not annoy follower with high beam light

3.6. If you want to leave convoy midway stop at emergency lane

4. Voice chat/Chat during convoy:

4.1. No ear rape

4.2. Do not use abusive 18+ language

4.3. Do not Mic/Chat spam on purpose

4.4. Take a chill pill bois

5. Other rules:

5.1. Do not save & edit the game

5.2. Flatbed/HCT/Double/Box liner/Mini trailers are not allowed in ETS2 convoy

5.3. Flatbed/Double/Triple/Log 4/Mini trailers are not allowed in ATS

5.4. You can use/modify truck trailer anyway you want to except paint/livery should be remained the same

5.5. If you want to report someone please DM any Staff member after convoy is completed


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