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🍃 Autumn has arrived 🍂

With the Summer coming to an end, we now move into Autumn.

We now support the 'Early Autumn Mod' on all of our servers!

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Tag: Synergy Carriers
Language: Spanish
Created: 30 Sep 2019 23:04 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: ArtikX
Members: 210
Recruitment: Open

Our Events

Synergy Carriers October Convoy

Synergy Carriers October Convoy

02 Oct 16:30 UTC



[US] Simulation

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Latest VTC Posts

Bienvenido a Synergy Carriers

Somos una empresa profesional con ganas de estar en la carretera, junto a una gran comunidad

  |   02 Oct 2019 13:45 UTC   |   ArtikX

Primera VTC Española Verificada ☑️ 🎉

Logramos ser la primera empresa Española en ser verificada y tambien la primera vtc hispanohablante validada por tmp

  |   04 May 2020 10:46 UTC   |   ArtikX

Un nuevo miembro en la familia de Synergy Carriers / A new member joins the Synergy Carriers family

Nuestra nueva filial inglesa / Our new English branch

  |   19 Mar 13:08 UTC   |   ArtikX

Nuevo record +200 miembros en la vtc🎉

Estamos muy contentos de romper records y lograr ser la primera vtc española que llega a +200 miembros en TruckersMP. / We are very happy to break records and become the first Spanish VTC to reach +200 members in TruckersMP.

21 Sep 11:00 UTC   |   ArtikX

Synergy Carriers 2nd October Public Convoy

A new convoy of Synergy Carriers is approaching, the route will be 1000 kilometers, with an approximate duration of fifty minutes, we will leave the city of Hanover and cross the cities of Mademburgo, Hamburgo, Bremen, Groninga ending the route and arriving at our destination in the Quarry of Dortmund

14 Sep 13:00 UTC   |   ArtikX


Events We Are Attending



Tomorrow, 20:00 UTC



Event Server

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Synergy Carriers International Second Anniversary

Synergy Carriers International Second Anniversary

13 Feb 2022 13:00 UTC


Truckfest And Convoy

To be determined

7 1 2

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