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2021. 2. 20 | TeamAudi Seasonal Convoy - Season February (Lunar New Years Event) | Review

By TeamAudi_Weather_EM   |   20 Feb 14:02 UTC

Thanks Message

Our Team, TeamAudi VTC has held the event February 20th. First, thanks for the each event managers/team's ceo to participate in our team convoy event! I'm glad to meet you at there!

Our event was started at UTC 12:30. Finished at UTC 13:40. Really Thanks to event staff (Our Team Member, ShanBo, XiaoZheng and other Staffs!), And TruckersMP Staff (Harvey_TMP!) I'm very happy that They're help this event!

If you want more pictures, you can check here!

Our Next Convoy Announcement

TeamAudi's next convoy will held Mar.20th! Our Route plan is not decided yet, But Convoy name is decided!

Our Next Convoy name is TeamAudi Season Convoy - Season March (Spring Convoy 2021)

If you are interested in, please pay attention!

And How about participate in Event Discord? If you are interested in, Just join! Plus, If you want to help to make an dedicated server, Please click Yes, I'll be there! In this Event page :)


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