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Steam API Issues

Steam API is currently reporting outdated information to our servers, therefore some users can not register in TruckersMP. We made some extra steps to ensure API stability, however, we were mostly unsuccessful. We have communicated the issue to the Steam Support team and waiting for their help.

If you are experiencing issues with registering or linking the game, please try again later (we suggest to wait for an hour or more after a failed attempt).
Many apologies for the inconvenience.


Tag: CN.TY Y573996
Language: Chinese
Created: 05 Jun 13:10 UTC
Supported Game
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Owner: TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang
Members: 173
Recruitment: Open

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Latest VTC Posts

2020.12.5 Tianyang motorcade held a public transport activity, which was a great success


  |   Today, 13:41 UTC   |   TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang

2020.12.3 It is my great honor to invite game report host "Jdebrusk987" to join our combined transportation


  |   03 Dec 14:15 UTC   |   TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang

2020.12.4 China Tianyang Motorcade private Transport Activities


04 Dec 15:24 UTC   |   TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang

Christmas goods clock in


04 Dec 08:35 UTC   |   TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang

2020.12.2 China Tianyang Motorcade private Transport Activities


03 Dec 04:54 UTC   |   TY-VTC*CEO*Mr.ZhongJiang



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20200810213824-1.jpg 天阳车队进队需知:







Tianyang motorcade should know when entering the team: people over 18 years old have microphones, can use YY voice, have good driving skills and strong communication skills, are friendly and have genuine European truck simulation 2, and abide by TruckersMP game rules.