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NEW EVENT: Drive with the Kings (ProMods) (October 28th, 2020)

By [VIVA] Matty   |   22 Oct 2020 23:24 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Drive with the Kings

It’s time to share the details of our next Drive with the Kings public event!

Welcome back to our series of Drive with the Kings, the event where drivers across the VTC world can join in on the fun and come for a drive with Viva!

Join us as we begin in the beautiful northern extremes of Trondheim in Norway, off the Trondheim Fjord, for an early wintry adventure southbound. We'll be taking a variety of quaint country roads southbound through the remote extension villages of Norway on this ProMods excursion. Then, bypassing the enthralling urban metropolitan area of Oslo before taking a more westerly adventure into the famous Swedish capital of Stockholm. To conclude, we'll be parking up at the impressive Scania Factory in Södertälje.

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday 28th October 2020
  • Time (Meetup): 19:00 GMT
  • Time (Departure): 19:30 GMT
  • Start Location: Norrsken, Trondheim (Norway)
  • End Location: Scania Factory, Södertälje (Sweden)
  • Server: ProMods
  • DLC required: ProMods 2.50

Meeting Location

Meeting Location

Route Map

Route Map

Please ensure you follow all TruckersMP rules as well as the instructions provided in game by our events staff.

Got any questions?

Pop into our Discord:

We look forward to seeing you there!


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