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Viva Breaks Another Record!

By [VIVA] Aiden Z   |   29 Mar 16:37 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Viva Breaks Another Record!

Who doesn’t like to have records smashed? Well, Viva did it again this month with the famous Drive with the Kings event that occurred this past Saturday on the 27th. Viva broke the record last month with over 70 attendees at the event. This month, Viva blew it out of the water with 105 attendees! WOW! Talk about a BIG difference from last month. The event was hosted on ATS starting in Phoenix, Arizona. The route was planned out beautifully by the Viva Event Staff with a majestic drive through the Yosemite National Forest in California before ending in Oakland, CA. If you missed the convoy, you missed out on a lot.

On Wednesday the 31st, Viva will present the first-ever Battle of Hastings event. Due to the event being Viva's 1066 event on their DriversHub, they wanted to make it special with the battle that occurred in the year 1066. Should be very interesting as the Event Department put together a "battle" with two separate convoys. One being England and the other France. Can't wait to see what else is in store!


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