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By [VIVA] Aiden Z   |   21 Jul 13:24 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Viva’s Recent Events

Well, July has been a very busy and unique month so far here at Viva Trucking. Some cool events have come and gone to include the Dementia UK that was held on July 3rd. Viva Events Staff put on a 4th of July convoy to deliver some fireworks (they did keep a safe distance from the fireworks while they watched the show). Velocity Convoys invited Viva Trucking to their first ever event on July 10th (Good luck and hope to see more). Demir Logistics celebrated their 4th back on July 18th! Congratulations guys! Some upcoming events to look out for; Legacy Freight Services will be celebrating their 4th year of trucking on July 24th. And the mighty Drive with the Kings will be on July 31st! Hope to see everyone there!

As we all know, there is a time when people have to move on with life. Pursue a career or education and let something that is near and dear to their heart go…..VTC life. Jake F has always brought smiles and laughter. Information and knowledge to the table. For the past 15 months, Jake has been a blessing to Viva Trucking, its drivers and Staff. With a heavy heart, Jake has officially retired from Viva Trucking as our CAO to pursue personal goals. He will be missed but we know he will do amazing in his future endeavours. With all of us from Viva Trucking “Watch out for that pilot car!” With the sad part over, we are happy to announce that Aiden Z was officially selected as the new CAO. We wish him luck in his new position.


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