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By [VIVA] Aiden Z   |   15 Aug 14:16 UTC | Updated on 15 Aug 14:20 UTC

Staff Openings
We are currently hiring Web Developers to help further innovate Viva’s technology. As a Web Developer you will work alongside Viva's talented developers, creating new features for Vivas DriversHub, Tracker, and Mobile app, receiving valuable work experience, learning new languages and techniques, along with receiving physical benefits such as developer merch and more! To apply for a Developer position click the link below!

We are also hiring Event Staff Operators! If you would like to help host official Viva events, assist with large truckfests, and work closer with members within the community, then event staff is for you. Apply down below.

Event Staff & Dev Applications:

Viva Patreon and Donations
As Viva continues to grow, we are constantly purchasing materials to help with both technical development and promotion materials. Because the cost of our operations and the quality of the products we produce to our members is so high, we are always in need of financial help. If you would like to support Viva's efforts, feel free to join our ever-growing Patreon, make a one-time donation, or purchase some merch. All proceeds go back into the community to help develop new features and grow our potential. We sincerely thank all of our supporters for making us the Kings of the Road.

Visit our Donate/Shop page at:

Viva's 5 Year Event!
In just 1 month, Viva will be turning 5! Come celebrate with us with as we celebrate with one of our largest truckfest ever with ours of convoy fun and multiple giveaways.

If you would like to join Viva CC and help out in the organisation of our 5th anniversary event, then apply here! -> (

That's all folks. Thank you for being part of Viva and keep Driving on as Kings of the road!


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