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Drive with the Kings January 2022

By Highway Hunter   |   27 Jan 00:19 UTC | Updated on 27 Jan 00:20 UTC

BOOM! POW! POP! (Sounds of fireworks going off and the sounds of people cheering can be heard.) Truck engines start up and a distinctive zoom, The turbo sends chills down your back. Drivers are getting ready for a drive to remember. With a New Year here now, some exciting things are happening around Viva Trucking. This past week Viva Trucking hosted their famous Drive with the Kings monthly convoy which was held on American Truck Simulator. The route chosen was beautiful and majestic with the rolling hills of Wyoming, and our convoy was guided gracefully and professionally by our Convoy Control team. If you missed it, look out for February's Drive with the Kings that can be found on TruckersMP website. The Event Staff are planning some more and exciting events in the upcoming month, so try not to miss out. See you on the roads.


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