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Viva Trucking, Kings of the Road | Who We Are

By [VIVA] Quad   |   09 Aug 2019 17:39 UTC

Viva Trucking is an ATS and ETS2 trucking company like no other. We are a community changing the way virtual trucking is today. We hire truckers from all over the world that are committed to involving their time into our company. Our mission was to create a place where truckers on ATS and ETS2 could come together to form a friendly community of all cultures. Our drivers will always come first and in order to do that, we must ensure responsibility, respect, trust, and initiative towards all members. Learn more about us in the Video below.

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What we do in Viva Trucking is very different from other virtual trucking communities. Our community is striving to make each member happy by providing a welcoming and communal environment. Everything in our community was built for the members' enjoyment and realism. We get applicants from around the world to come and truck with us. When you become a trucker for Viva Trucking, we give the driver a list of responsibilities that they must carry out on a day to day operation. All drivers must fill out a trucking log when they make loads. Every time a driver fills out a trucking log, that person will receive points which can lead to higher positions in the company along with getting company-related items along the way. We always value our drivers since we are a team. With all the new updates to come with both ATS and ETS2, we plan on growing even bigger as we grow as a community.

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Unlike other VTC's Viva has a list of specialty programs such as our Speciality Divisions and Streamer Program. Specialty Divisions are a unique feature only available at Viva that allows Drivers to join Divisions such as Flatbed, Reefer, Hazmat, Biomass and Heavy Haul to gain more though Division bonuses, along with adding some realism to your gameplay experience. Through Divisions, Drivers can connect with other division Drivers and participate in division only convoys. With extra bouses, exclusive mods, division competitions, and much more, specialty divisions are a true favorite in the community. Learn more about or Specialty Divisions at:

Viva's Streamer Program is a community-based initiative that was designed to support Viva's dozens of streamers through the use of our technology and outreach. Our program targets talented Drivers who strive to stream their exciting journeys both on and off the road. Whether it's ATS & ETS2, to CSGO & X-Plane, we will work with our streamers to help grow their presence in the online world. Learn more at:

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There is a lot that Viva offers that can't be expressed in our TMP VTC post. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about everything:


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