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🤵🏻 | We are looking for English and German speaking Drivers!

By AspergerKid   |   24 Feb 21:27 UTC

Ever since 2019, Wolves has been ambitioning to expand to International territories, we therefore expanded from a Turkish Speaking VTC to a Tri-Lingual VTC that speaks English, Turkish and German!

As of lately we are especially looking for drivers that speak one of the two languages fluently. Fluent English is especially what we are looking for in this phase of recruitment but fluent German Speakers are just as welcome! You do not have to be a Master in English to join! You do not need to be from an English country either!

Wolves is a welcoming VTC who values brotherhood and respect! If you join us you are joining a family who is always there for one another! We will provide you a warm home with friendly drivers and Staff! We host several events each month and also like to join events of other VTCs! We are also a Verified VTC with over 50 members!

If you are interested in joining Wolves and can speak English and/or German quite decently then apply now and mention that you know how to speak one or both of the languages!

We're looking forward to hear from you!

Best Regards and wishes, AspergerKid Wolves™ Event Manager and Verified VTC Leader


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Created: 21 Oct 2019 05:43 UTC
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