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🚚 | Recap of our February Monthly Convoy

By AspergerKid   |   24 Feb 21:27 UTC

Hello Truckers!

This Month's convoy was a bit special!

We were invited to attend other VTCs public convoy's happened to be on the SAME DAY as ours, what a funny coincidence!

As such we decided to make our route quite short so attendants would still have time to attend other VTCs' convoys as well if they wanted you We had a quick yet beautiful trip from Berlin to Bratislava and although quite short we still had a blast!

If you wanna see some pictures/videos of the convoy, head over to our February gallery OR Check out the saved Stream on our official Streamer's Twitch!

We hope those that attended enjoyed the convoy and we also hope to see you at next month's public convoy in March!

Happy Trucking and Regards, AspergerKid CEO


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