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đźšš | Summary of Wolves ATS Anniversary Convoy

By Kenny246   |   03 Oct 21:19 UTC | Updated on 03 Oct 21:20 UTC

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for attending Wolves™ ATS Anniversary Convoy. Wolves had a great start to celebrate their 2nd Year Anniversary and it was really touching to see the amount of support shown by VTCs and Wolves™ community. Wolves™ continues to celebrate this month with a promods convoy dated 9th October, for more info about our anniversary events please check out our Discord.

Did you missed our ATS Anniversary Convoy? No worries we have made a summary for you with an outstanding video edit by our Media Director Phillip and photos were also taken by our Media Crew. To see all photos taken join our Discord today!

Hope to see you in our next anniversary convoy!!

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