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Current Vacancies

By LTHL-_-PURGE   |   06 Mar 2022 23:40 UTC | Updated on 02 Jun 2023 00:11 UTC

Current Vacancies

Here at Lightning, we believe in professional development. That's why we have regular vacancies available. These vacancies will be a variety of roles, ranging from Staff to Management and you will be working closely within our teams to help provide the best VTC experience possible. Whether it's helping a new driver with their application or directing and managing our teams, you can be sure to be valued and appreciated while you're with us.

If any of the roles listed sparked an interest in you, feel free to head over to our Discord server or over to our custom Drivers Hub and leave a ticket/application.

Human Resources

The role of our Human Resources Department is a complex, but rewarding role. It involves dealing with applications and tickets. Therefore, it is essential that the candidates have perfect communication skills. We are looking for approachable, and inspired individuals to join us in this role. You will be the first impression for most new members, so you must take a friendly and professional manner. You will also need to deal with event invitations, where you will strengthen the relations with other companies.

Event Staff

We are looking for Event Staff to host, arrange and execute community convoys. Don't worry, if you are new to the scene - if you are ambitious and enthusiastic, feel free to apply for this position. We can provide you with the appropriate training materials!

Media Staff

We are very proud of our Media Department. That's being said, you might find interest within this role! Having wonderful photos can bring the community together and can show the real beauty and value of a company. The ideal candidate should have at least mastered one quality from this list: Video Editing, Photoshop, Lightroom Usage, Taking creative and quality photos in ETS2 and ATS.


We are seeking an active and experienced developer to join our Staff Team. This position can offer great practice to the ones, who would like to help the company on the technical side of things! As a Developer for Lightning Logistics, you must have previous experience with a variety of code and must be regularly available, it is also important that you are a member of the VTC, as you would gain great insight to the basic moving parts of the company. As for the time of the vacancy, we need a Developer, who can create, code and modify a website to our needs and can keep up with the issues brought by our custom Drivers Hub and Tracker.


We are looking for ambitious and professional moderators to join our team. This role is vital to the VTC, as you will be actively involved with keeping the chats clean, and members friendly. Stressful and awkward situations can be expected, therefore the successful candidate must be able to deal with stress well and cope adequately under pressure.

We look forward to working with you soon, Lightning Logistics


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