Game Developer

Building new features, fixing bugs, and supporting the latest game versions to ensure our players have a smooth multiplayer experience in-game.

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Forerunner - Game Developer -
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mwl4 - Game Developer -
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ShawnCZek - Game Developer -


Keeping us all connected. Working behind-the-scenes, ensuring our servers and other services are always online!

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Kat_pw - DevOps -
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Krashnz - DevOps -

Web Developer

Building and maintaining our core web-based platforms, like this one!

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_J-M - Web Developer -
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CJMAXiK - Web Developer -

Project Manager

The direction of the project is something that these people focus on!
The main thing to ask is... What new things do we expect to see in the future?

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Smoky - Project Manager -

Project Coordinator

The direction of the project is something that these people focus on!
The main thing to ask is... What new things do we expect to see in the future?

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Digital - Project Coordinator -
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Lasse - Project Coordinator -
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Nameless Ghoul - Project Coordinator -

Service and Data Analyst

Responsible for evaluating and analyzing the project's processes and procedures and providing possible solutions to improve them.
Will also provide internal and external analytics to measure and share health and performance.

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Prime - Service and Data Analyst -

Add-On Manager

Supervises the creation of modifications such as map edits or accessories.
Ensures that everything complies with the rules and is up to the highest quality standards.

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mdshahid6540 - Add-On Manager -
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TeamDeer - Add-On Manager -

Senior Community Manager

Works on improving your experience with TruckersMP on social media and livestreams.
Oversees Community Managers and plans new campaigns for you.

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Matt - Senior Community Manager -

Senior Game Moderation Manager

Manages the Game Moderations Managers and reviews rule suggestions.
Makes sure that your experience with Game Moderators is professional and always according to our rules.

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marco6158 - Senior Game Moderation Manager -

Senior Community Moderation Manager

Coordinates Community Moderation Managers to ensure all community moderation teams can work efficiently.

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Moh_ - Senior Community Moderation Manager -

Senior Support Manager

Oversees the Support Managers who are here to assist you with answering questions on the Forums, Discord and our support system.
Ensures that Supporters offer you quality replies to everything you ask.

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Ali. - Senior Support Manager -

Senior Event Manager

Directing official events and works on new event concepts for you to make TruckersMP even more interesting.

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Whitelodge - Senior Event Manager -

Senior Translation Manager

Manages the Translation team to ensure our translations are high quality and oversees actions by Translation Managers

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InvisibleRaptor - Senior Translation Manager -

Community Manager

Interact with you on social media such as Forums, Discord, Twitter or YouTube. Planning new campaigns and livestreams for you and answering all your questions.

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IethaI - Community Manager -
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Phon - Community Manager -
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Schak Bruijn - Community Manager -

Support Manager

Overseeing the Support Team members who are here to assist you with answering questions on Forums, Discord and our support system. Ensuring that Supporters offer you quality replies to everything you ask.

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GGF MD - Support Manager -
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NeonLeon - Support Manager -

Community Moderation Manager

Ensuring all our rules are being followed on the Forums and Discord.
Supervising the Community Moderators to improve your experience with our staff.

.Christopher's avatar
.Christopher - Community Moderation Manager -

Media Manager

Planning and supervising new media content such as YouTube videos, blog post headers and all images you see on our website or ingame.
Overseeing the Media Team to ensure all work is done correctly and with high quality.

David E.'s avatar
David E. - Media Manager -
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Pixel. - Media Manager -

Game Moderation Manager

Managing our Game Moderators, Trainers and Team Leaders. Ensuring that all rules are followed and your experience with our Game Moderation staff improves.

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Aek177 - Game Moderation Manager -
JeffSFC's avatar
JeffSFC - Game Moderation Manager -
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TotalDiesel - Game Moderation Manager -
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weezy - Game Moderation Manager -

Event Manager

Planning official events and overseeing our Event Team to ensure they are blocking the correct road.

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Cyberskilzz - Event Manager -
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Matt #CarLadMatt - Event Manager -
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Raymond_ - Event Manager -

Translation Manager

Managing the Translation team to ensure our translations are of high quality to break the language barrier.

[WT] Bingo [CH]'s avatar
[WT] Bingo [CH] - Translation Manager -
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Pillow - Translation Manager -

Game Moderator Leader

Leading our teams of Game Moderators and making sure that your reports and appeals are dealt with quickly and correctly.

[C-S] karol_domag's avatar
[C-S] karol_domag - Game Moderator Leader -
[WT] AlexXX's avatar
[WT] AlexXX - Game Moderator Leader -
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AlmightyOndrej - Game Moderator Leader -
Beater Opressor's avatar
Beater Opressor - Game Moderator Leader -
Beau.'s avatar
Beau. - Game Moderator Leader -
BL4CK$K1LL's avatar
BL4CK$K1LL - Game Moderator Leader -
BlocKing's avatar
BlocKing - Game Moderator Leader -
bobi124's avatar
bobi124 - Game Moderator Leader -
Gnl_Hugh122's avatar
Gnl_Hugh122 - Game Moderator Leader -
Jeronimο's avatar
Jeronimο - Game Moderator Leader -
K0rnholio's avatar
K0rnholio - Game Moderator Leader -
Kid Fabi's avatar
Kid Fabi - Game Moderator Leader -
Krewlex's avatar
Krewlex - Game Moderator Leader -
Mike Dragon's avatar
Mike Dragon - Game Moderator Leader -

Game Moderator Trainer

Everyone starts somewhere!
These are the people who train our Game Moderators to ensure they know the rules the best way possible.

Babou71's avatar
Babou71 - Game Moderator Trainer -
DJ ccowie's avatar
DJ ccowie - Game Moderator Trainer -
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Fezz98 - Game Moderator Trainer -
Koneko's avatar
Koneko - Game Moderator Trainer -
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szykaro23 - Game Moderator Trainer -

Game Moderator

These people are the peacekeepers of our game network!
They are here to protect your simulation experience from trolls and hackers.

_Russian's avatar
_Russian - Game Moderator -
-AOD-'s avatar
-AOD- - Game Moderator -
-VOYVODA-'s avatar
-VOYVODA- - Game Moderator -
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.Richter - Game Moderator -
[C-S] Adrian22-PL's avatar
[C-S] Adrian22-PL - Game Moderator -
[C-S] Spat91's avatar
[C-S] Spat91 - Game Moderator -
[PCVTC] Harvey_TMP's avatar
[PCVTC] Harvey_TMP - Game Moderator -
[S.PLH]Warrior's avatar
[S.PLH]Warrior - Game Moderator -
*Winged*'s avatar
*Winged* - Game Moderator -
AdaBey's avatar
AdaBey - Game Moderator -
Ashley's avatar
Ashley - Game Moderator -
AssassinGoEasy's avatar
AssassinGoEasy - Game Moderator -
Bull [NL]'s avatar
Bull [NL] - Game Moderator -
Chev's avatar
Chev - Game Moderator -
Chris I Camox's avatar
Chris I Camox - Game Moderator -
CíaranÓg78's avatar
CíaranÓg78 - Game Moderator -
Coolio85's avatar
Coolio85 - Game Moderator -
Cornedrue's avatar
Cornedrue - Game Moderator -
CuteCat's avatar
CuteCat - Game Moderator -
davidd.'s avatar
davidd. - Game Moderator -
DerAmpelmann's avatar
DerAmpelmann - Game Moderator -
DJFrontier's avatar
DJFrontier - Game Moderator -
Dominik [SK]'s avatar
Dominik [SK] - Game Moderator -
Dumbledore001YT's avatar
Dumbledore001YT - Game Moderator -
Dylan R's avatar
Dylan R - Game Moderator -
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5's avatar
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 - Game Moderator -
El Reja's avatar
El Reja - Game Moderator -
EPS!LON's avatar
EPS!LON - Game Moderator -
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Flaming. - Game Moderator -
Flindix's avatar
Flindix - Game Moderator -
Folriden's avatar
Folriden - Game Moderator -
Geology Rocks's avatar
Geology Rocks - Game Moderator -
Geοrge.'s avatar
Geοrge. - Game Moderator -
henzsa's avatar
henzsa - Game Moderator -
HérissonMan's avatar
HérissonMan - Game Moderator -
Hogger_Fabi's avatar
Hogger_Fabi - Game Moderator -
Inklink's avatar
Inklink - Game Moderator -
Istanbullue's avatar
Istanbullue - Game Moderator -
Jake_F's avatar
Jake_F - Game Moderator -
JamesS014's avatar
JamesS014 - Game Moderator -
Jdebrusk987's avatar
Jdebrusk987 - Game Moderator -
KhaosHammer's avatar
KhaosHammer - Game Moderator -
Killua  // Ireland ^_^'s avatar
Killua // Ireland ^_^ - Game Moderator -
Knusperschnitzel's avatar
Knusperschnitzel - Game Moderator -
Kubuntu's avatar
Kubuntu - Game Moderator -
LadyAndromeda's avatar
LadyAndromeda - Game Moderator -
LincolnVanLincolnius's avatar
LincolnVanLincolnius - Game Moderator -
lukabrazi's avatar
lukabrazi - Game Moderator -
MaverickTD's avatar
MaverickTD - Game Moderator -
Meitt's avatar
Meitt - Game Moderator -
Miyu*'s avatar
Miyu* - Game Moderator -
MrSirViking's avatar
MrSirViking - Game Moderator -
MsMist's avatar
MsMist - Game Moderator -
Mystere's avatar
Mystere - Game Moderator -
Nathan7471's avatar
Nathan7471 - Game Moderator -
Newo_TMP's avatar
Newo_TMP - Game Moderator -
NightBIade's avatar
NightBIade - Game Moderator -
NinjaRichie's avatar
NinjaRichie - Game Moderator -
NoTime4name's avatar
NoTime4name - Game Moderator -
Noxii's avatar
Noxii - Game Moderator -
Olioak's avatar
Olioak - Game Moderator -
Owen.'s avatar
Owen. - Game Moderator -
Pascal.'s avatar
Pascal. - Game Moderator -
Patriktanki's avatar
Patriktanki - Game Moderator -
ppabli's avatar
ppabli - Game Moderator -
RB1988's avatar
RB1988 - Game Moderator -
Roenz's avatar
Roenz - Game Moderator -
Sabbi [GER]'s avatar
Sabbi [GER] - Game Moderator -
Samito_BG's avatar
Samito_BG - Game Moderator -
Savage.'s avatar
Savage. - Game Moderator -
smackywacky_'s avatar
smackywacky_ - Game Moderator -
Soul Knight's avatar
Soul Knight - Game Moderator -
Space Night's avatar
Space Night - Game Moderator -
Speedy_TMP's avatar
Speedy_TMP - Game Moderator -
Supreme_TMP's avatar
Supreme_TMP - Game Moderator -
Talwinter's avatar
Talwinter - Game Moderator -
ThiagoBR_'s avatar
ThiagoBR_ - Game Moderator -
Tuna_'s avatar
Tuna_ - Game Moderator -
V.i.c.t.o.r.'s avatar
V.i.c.t.o.r. - Game Moderator -
Vennas's avatar
Vennas - Game Moderator -
W4chund's avatar
W4chund - Game Moderator -
White Wolf.'s avatar
White Wolf. - Game Moderator -
XioPlay's avatar
XioPlay - Game Moderator -
Yoyo_ManSg's avatar
Yoyo_ManSg - Game Moderator -
ZaroMW's avatar
ZaroMW - Game Moderator -
zb572's avatar
zb572 - Game Moderator -
ян Powerful's avatar
ян Powerful - Game Moderator -

Report Moderator

Dealing with reports for their first time and are always in touch with other team members to improve their knowledge.

Djinsomnia's avatar
Djinsomnia - Report Moderator -
Flye001's avatar
Flye001 - Report Moderator -
Mılo.'s avatar
Mılo. - Report Moderator -
Picky99's avatar
Picky99 - Report Moderator -
sanamaria's avatar
sanamaria - Report Moderator -
th3Imgurian's avatar
th3Imgurian - Report Moderator -
Tony [UK]'s avatar
Tony [UK] - Report Moderator -

Game Moderation Trainee

The newest members of our Game Moderation team are being trained to become Game Moderators.

[C-S] Shadii.'s avatar
[C-S] Shadii. - Game Moderation Trainee -
[FORZA] iamRHT's avatar
[FORZA] iamRHT - Game Moderation Trainee -
bogs97's avatar
bogs97 - Game Moderation Trainee -
DantheScaniaMan's avatar
DantheScaniaMan - Game Moderation Trainee -
jeza1's avatar
jeza1 - Game Moderation Trainee -
SpectralProphet's avatar
SpectralProphet - Game Moderation Trainee -
TruckerDave98's avatar
TruckerDave98 - Game Moderation Trainee -
Velcta's avatar
Velcta - Game Moderation Trainee -
WarSniperr's avatar
WarSniperr - Game Moderation Trainee -


Offering you help with any TruckersMP related problems on the Forums, Discord, Twitter and our support system.

Beenz.'s avatar
Beenz. - Support -
CookieTho_'s avatar
CookieTho_ - Support -
Crestune~'s avatar
Crestune~ - Support -
General18's avatar
General18 - Support -
Jamie R's avatar
Jamie R - Support -
JoxyS's avatar
JoxyS - Support -
KasperE's avatar
KasperE - Support -
Krisi.'s avatar
Krisi. - Support -
maksch's avatar
maksch - Support -
Polyxena [GER]'s avatar
Polyxena [GER] - Support -
Rico.'s avatar
Rico. - Support -
SarahMaddy's avatar
SarahMaddy - Support -
Skazochniсk's avatar
Skazochniсk - Support -
Stubborn__'s avatar
Stubborn__ - Support -
TARK777's avatar
TARK777 - Support -
TheRealKing's avatar
TheRealKing - Support -

Trial Support

They just finished their training and are ready to assist you with TruckersMP related problems on the Forums, Discord, Twitter and our support system.

caramba2412's avatar
caramba2412 - Trial Support -
JJay's avatar
JJay - Trial Support -

Support Trainee

Learning how to help you with TruckersMP related problems on the Forums, Discord, Twitter and our support system.

Drexyy's avatar
Drexyy - Support Trainee -


Hello, Witaj, Merhaba, Hallo, Hola, Salut!
Translating assets and posts for the community. Helping you to understand what is going on at TruckersMP.

AxeRider's avatar
AxeRider - Translator -
Ivonole's avatar
Ivonole - Translator -
MousemanLV's avatar
MousemanLV - Translator -
Nelicopterr's avatar
Nelicopterr - Translator -
Raeker's avatar
Raeker - Translator -
RedPiggy's avatar
RedPiggy - Translator -
Shayrin's avatar
Shayrin - Translator -
Woerki (GER)'s avatar
Woerki (GER) - Translator -
ΛntoniojMG's avatar
ΛntoniojMG - Translator -

Event Team

Organizing and controlling our events as well as community events to offer you an amazing experience.

Bolts's avatar
Bolts - Event Team -
Doxxyz's avatar
Doxxyz - Event Team -
Emma.x's avatar
Emma.x - Event Team -
issam0707's avatar
issam0707 - Event Team -
kNex FaNz's avatar
kNex FaNz - Event Team -
M.J.'s avatar
M.J. - Event Team -
Mr.Unicornis Steco's avatar
Mr.Unicornis Steco - Event Team -
NoPatr1ck's avatar
NoPatr1ck - Event Team -
saladqueen13's avatar
saladqueen13 - Event Team -
Smiddy1050's avatar
Smiddy1050 - Event Team -
TFMSkinner's avatar
TFMSkinner - Event Team -
theonlylukon's avatar
theonlylukon - Event Team -

Add-On Team

Creating additional modifications for you such as map edits, accessories or paint jobs.

•Nika•'s avatar
•Nika• - Add-On Team -
CreatorInDeep's avatar
CreatorInDeep - Add-On Team -
GetForkStabbed's avatar
GetForkStabbed - Add-On Team -

Community Moderator Leader

Community Moderator Leaders oversee the quality and training of Community Moderators in line with Community Moderation Managers.

Grundii's avatar
Grundii - Community Moderator Leader -
Soul_Less's avatar
Soul_Less - Community Moderator Leader -

Community Moderator

Keeping our Forums and Discord clean and tidy. Protecting you from inappropriate content and spammers.

AllstarDK's avatar
AllstarDK - Community Moderator -
EGGSY_DEV's avatar
EGGSY_DEV - Community Moderator -
flybel's avatar
flybel - Community Moderator -
Hurricane.'s avatar
Hurricane. - Community Moderator -
Mr Thornton's avatar
Mr Thornton - Community Moderator -
NightSword^'s avatar
NightSword^ - Community Moderator -
Snap Dragon's avatar
Snap Dragon - Community Moderator -
StateCA (NL)'s avatar
StateCA (NL) - Community Moderator -
xBestBBx's avatar
xBestBBx - Community Moderator -
XFMaster9666's avatar
XFMaster9666 - Community Moderator -

Community Moderator Trainee

The future eyes of the Forums and Discord, learning the ways of their experienced colleagues.

_sneaht_0810's avatar
_sneaht_0810 - Community Moderator Trainee -

Official Streamer

Streaming on the official Twitch channel and answering your questions.

Nightmare_se_TMP's avatar
Nightmare_se_TMP - Stream Team -
Rescue193uk's avatar
Rescue193uk - Stream Team -

Media Team

Creating videos, photos and more to be shared on social media, YouTube, ingame or on our website.
Providing high-quality content for blog posts.

CaptainKostaZ's avatar
CaptainKostaZ - Media Team -
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy's avatar
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy - Media Team -
ffracing75's avatar
ffracing75 - Media Team -
LaxZ's avatar
LaxZ - Media Team -
Partydoos's avatar
Partydoos - Media Team -


Automation is key!
Invulnerable, immortal and always working. We are what you would only dream to be.

Bot Botdottir's avatar
Bot Botdottir - Bot -