Always building something
The people responsible for creating the mod and ensuring the servers keep running.

mwl4 Developer


_J-M Developer

Hey you, I'm one of the developer for TruckersMP.

Kat_pw Developer

I am kat! I help keep the servers around here happy (mostly).

Tuxy Fluffyclaws Developer

🐈 ❤

Krashnz Developer

Hi there! I'm Krashnz, one of the Web Developers for TruckersMP that built this website!

HumaneWolf Developer

Hi, I'm HumaneWolf, a developer, and previous Vice Project Manager and Community Manager for TruckersMP.

ExtraLifeKat Developer

Project Managers

Where should the project go next?
These people make sure we're all headed in the correct direction.

scarface0359 Project Manager
Clarkinator Project Manager

Community Managers

Facebook, Twitter, Forums
They do it all to interact with our users and fans!

Burner Community Manager
FirestarteR93 Community Manager
konfig0 Community Manager
Digital Community Manager
BAKERPK [PL] [ENG] Community Manager
Sgt_Tailor Community Manager

In-Game Administrators

Throw out a "hey ya!" when you see them!
Protecting the roads from rammers, blockers and the unscrupulous.

Mikkell [PL/SE] Game Moderator
[S.PLH]Warrior Game Moderator
El1teZombiezHD Game Moderator
Mariotify Game Moderator
verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) Game Moderator
[Интегра] ResTed Game Moderator
0zgur Game Moderator
Mike Dragon Game Moderator
Ashley Game Moderator
Valeant Game Moderator
Sysgen Game Moderator
Kat Game Moderator
Kat_pw_2 Game Moderator
Kat_pw_3 Game Moderator
Sunort Game Moderator
RayRay5 Game Moderator
arusf2011 [PL/EN] Game Moderator
math-98 Game Moderator
Noxii Game Moderator
Nataliia Game Moderator
CaptainKostaZ Game Moderator
Bandero Game Moderator
Horizon Game Moderator
Kayr0 Game Moderator
HerrSwizz Game Moderator
Raichu [BE] Game Moderator
Djinsomnia Game Moderator
bluesbass Game Moderator
[SL] Bonnm Game Moderator
KOZIK Game Moderator
Titanic4 Game Moderator
The Scottish Lad Game Moderator
oolala11 Game Moderator
Penguin Game Moderator
Cyrusj Game Moderator
Smoky_TMP Game Moderator
Judge of the Nights Game Moderator
Daniellus Game Moderator
Aestrial Game Moderator
LadyAndromeda Game Moderator
KhaosHammer Game Moderator

Support Lead

Standing ready for the unsolvable!
No problem is too tough for this group.

LIGHTOFGOD Support Manager


Need help? They are here!
Feel free to reach out to them whenever you have a question or issue.

legress Support
[ST-E] T.Rucker Support
[Интегра] Fallen [BY] Support
fyzz08 Support
Benjamin88 Support
-XCE- Support
M.J. Support
King^ Support
RaichuTR Support
W4chund Support
derpatrick9 Support
Istanbullue Support
[RusTK] Alex KERNEL Support
BoSsik2 Support
Yoyo_ManSg Support
sko0923 Support
SampleX.M.S Support
Coppekss Support
Mirko9 Support
Lorenita Support
LUIG Support

Moderator Lead

Watching the watchers
If you have any issues with a Moderator, let them know. They will take care of it.


Keeping the forums clean and tidy
Drop them a friendly hello, just please don't spam :)

Creatured Forum Moderator
WarMaz Forum Moderator
ZuLynx Forum Moderator
dualznz Forum Moderator
PrototypeGR Forum Moderator
RaneMoro Forum Moderator
SprinterFS Forum Moderator
ThatCrazyPillow Forum Moderator
DJ Jefferz Forum Moderator
MrHarv98 Forum Moderator
TSRVTC-Truckerpilot Forum Moderator
Albert_ Forum Moderator
Babou71 Forum Moderator
Anriandor Forum Moderator
SpeedySuliHD_TMP Forum Moderator
Caernage Forum Moderator
BlocKing Forum Moderator
LSPD Gamer Forum Moderator
MettleMeat Forum Moderator

Media Lead

Making sure all the event planning is under control
Keeps the media team organized.

Media Team

Planning official events.
Creating events, content and media for the community.

[VIVA] LaxZ Media Team
Cooper's Freightmaster Media Team
Zelcrum Media Team
Forerunner Media Team