Always building something
The people responsible for creating the mod and ensuring the servers keep running.

_J-M's avatar
_J-M - Developer -
CJMAXiK's avatar
CJMAXiK - Developer -
Kat_pw's avatar
Kat_pw - Developer -
Krashnz's avatar
Krashnz - Developer -
mwl4's avatar
mwl4 - Developer -
ShawnCZek's avatar
ShawnCZek - Developer -

Project Manager

The direction of the project is something that these people focus on!
The main thing to ask is... What new things do we expect to see in the future?

Smoky_TMP's avatar
Smoky_TMP - Project Manager -

Senior Human Resources

Managing the Human Resources team and making sure that the right people are selected to join our team!

Nathan's avatar
Nathan - Senior Human Resources -

Human Resources

Who do I speak to when I apply to the team?
Look no further as your answer is these people plus the manager of the team you applied for!
They also make sure that our team has no issues!

Armonk's avatar
Armonk - Human Resources -
NeonLeon's avatar
NeonLeon - Human Resources -
slushbro's avatar
slushbro - Human Resources -

Add-On Manager

Modifying the game to make the multiplayer experience even more amazing! Ensuring that everything complies with the rules and is up to the highest quality standards.

Forerunner's avatar
Forerunner - Add-On Manager -
TeamDeer's avatar
TeamDeer - Add-On Manager -

Senior Community Manager

Oversees the Community Managers and makes sure that the Community Managers are interacting with you the best they possibly can.

Prime's avatar
Prime - Senior Community Manager -

Senior Game Manager

Making sure that our Game Managers are doing everything by the book!
This role is focused more behind the scenes than any other game role.

marco6158's avatar
marco6158 - Senior Game Manager -

Senior Community Moderation Manager

Coordinates Community Moderation Managers to ensure all community moderation teams can work efficiently.

KhaosHammer's avatar
KhaosHammer - Senior Community Moderation Manager -

Community Manager

They are interacting on all of our platforms! Whether it's Facebook or Twitter to the Forums and Game!

-Zirox-'s avatar
-Zirox- - Community Manager -
Aek177's avatar
Aek177 - Community Manager -
Lasse's avatar
Lasse - Community Manager -
Pillow's avatar
Pillow - Community Manager -

Support Manager

These people manage our support team! They are here to assist our team in assisting you!
Any questions that our gurus need help with themselves, these people are there!

Ali.'s avatar
Ali. - Support Manager -
GGF MD's avatar
GGF MD - Support Manager -

Community Moderation Manager

On the forum, Discord or the Facebook group - making sure rules are being followed.
These people are in charge of the Community Moderators.

Moh_'s avatar
Moh_ - Community Moderation Manager -
Nataliia's avatar
Nataliia - Community Moderation Manager -

Media Manager

This person is in charge of our media team.
Making sure that all our assets and YouTube videos are up to the high standards that we have.

David Edson's avatar
David Edson - Media Manager -

Game Manager

Managing our Game Moderators and team leaders! It is a vital value of us that everything is run to policy.

JeffSFC's avatar
JeffSFC - Game Manager -
weezy's avatar
weezy - Game Manager -

Event Manager

Bringing the community together with exciting official events, and supporting community events created by you.

Digital's avatar
Digital - Event Manager -
Matt #CarLadMatt's avatar
Matt #CarLadMatt - Event Manager -

Translation Manager

Managing Team of Translators. Making sure everything released to the community is available in different languages!

BoSsik2's avatar
BoSsik2 - Translation Manager -
InvisibleRaptor's avatar
InvisibleRaptor - Translation Manager -

Game Moderator Leader

Leading our teams of Game Moderators and making sure that your reports and appeals are dealt with quickly and correctly.

[WT] AlexXX's avatar
[WT] AlexXX - Game Moderator Leader -
[Интегра] ResTed's avatar
[Интегра] ResTed - Game Moderator Leader -
BlocKing's avatar
BlocKing - Game Moderator Leader -
CreatorInDeep's avatar
CreatorInDeep - Game Moderator Leader -
Jοhn's avatar
Jοhn - Game Moderator Leader -
K0rnholio's avatar
K0rnholio - Game Moderator Leader -
Krewlex's avatar
Krewlex - Game Moderator Leader -
legress's avatar
legress - Game Moderator Leader -
Martin.'s avatar
Martin. - Game Moderator Leader -
Mike Dragon's avatar
Mike Dragon - Game Moderator Leader -
TheGoodGuy1515's avatar
TheGoodGuy1515 - Game Moderator Leader -
WarMaz's avatar
WarMaz - Game Moderator Leader -

Game Moderator Trainer

Everyone starts somewhere!
These are the people who train our Game Moderators to become the watchers of the roads!

Babou71's avatar
Babou71 - Game Moderator Trainer -
TotalDiesel's avatar
TotalDiesel - Game Moderator Trainer -

Game Moderator

These people are the peacekeepers of our game network!
If these people were not here, every road would be chaos!

_Russian's avatar
_Russian - Game Moderator -
-AOD-'s avatar
-AOD- - Game Moderator -
-WWA-'s avatar
-WWA- - Game Moderator -
[C-S] Spat91's avatar
[C-S] Spat91 - Game Moderator -
[EVOQUE] Mayday's avatar
[EVOQUE] Mayday - Game Moderator -
[F-T M] FreZyFaiL's avatar
[F-T M] FreZyFaiL - Game Moderator -
[GER] Robin's avatar
[GER] Robin - Game Moderator -
[RusTK] Alex KERNEL's avatar
[RusTK] Alex KERNEL - Game Moderator -
[S.PLH]Warrior's avatar
[S.PLH]Warrior - Game Moderator -
[WT] Talwinter's avatar
[WT] Talwinter - Game Moderator -
[Интегра] Folriden's avatar
[Интегра] Folriden - Game Moderator -
3ventic's avatar
3ventic - Game Moderator -
Adrian22-PL's avatar
Adrian22-PL - Game Moderator -
ALCRY's avatar
ALCRY - Game Moderator -
Asatelon's avatar
Asatelon - Game Moderator -
B&Č Transport Newo [CZ]'s avatar
B&Č Transport Newo [CZ] - Game Moderator -
Baratako's avatar
Baratako - Game Moderator -
bcblackout's avatar
bcblackout - Game Moderator -
BL4CK$K1LL's avatar
BL4CK$K1LL - Game Moderator -
bobi124's avatar
bobi124 - Game Moderator -
Bull [NL]'s avatar
Bull [NL] - Game Moderator -
Callum Johnson's avatar
Callum Johnson - Game Moderator -
Chris I Camox's avatar
Chris I Camox - Game Moderator -
Cyrusj's avatar
Cyrusj - Game Moderator -
DesertEagle26's avatar
DesertEagle26 - Game Moderator -
DJFrontier's avatar
DJFrontier - Game Moderator -
Dominik [SK]'s avatar
Dominik [SK] - Game Moderator -
Dumbledore001YT's avatar
Dumbledore001YT - Game Moderator -
Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]'s avatar
Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] - Game Moderator -
EPS!LON's avatar
EPS!LON - Game Moderator -
Flindix's avatar
Flindix - Game Moderator -
Grundii's avatar
Grundii - Game Moderator -
HoggerSDG [Fabi]'s avatar
HoggerSDG [Fabi] - Game Moderator -
i z m's avatar
i z m - Game Moderator -
IethaI's avatar
IethaI - Game Moderator -
Istanbullue's avatar
Istanbullue - Game Moderator -
Jeronimeau's avatar
Jeronimeau - Game Moderator -
KasperE's avatar
KasperE - Game Moderator -
Kid Fabi's avatar
Kid Fabi - Game Moderator -
Killua  // Ireland ^_^'s avatar
Killua // Ireland ^_^ - Game Moderator -
Kubuntu's avatar
Kubuntu - Game Moderator -
LUIG_TMP's avatar
LUIG_TMP - Game Moderator -
MattR's avatar
MattR - Game Moderator -
MrSirViking's avatar
MrSirViking - Game Moderator -
NinjaRichie's avatar
NinjaRichie - Game Moderator -
NoTime4name's avatar
NoTime4name - Game Moderator -
novice's avatar
novice - Game Moderator -
Numb3r2's avatar
Numb3r2 - Game Moderator -
Olioak's avatar
Olioak - Game Moderator -
RB1988's avatar
RB1988 - Game Moderator -
RequieB's avatar
RequieB - Game Moderator -
Schak Bruijn's avatar
Schak Bruijn - Game Moderator -
SMURFY.'s avatar
SMURFY. - Game Moderator -
Soul Knight's avatar
Soul Knight - Game Moderator -
Speedy_TMP's avatar
Speedy_TMP - Game Moderator -
sQCF - Beater's avatar
sQCF - Beater - Game Moderator -
Suleyman.53's avatar
Suleyman.53 - Game Moderator -
Terry A's avatar
Terry A - Game Moderator -
ThiagoBR_'s avatar
ThiagoBR_ - Game Moderator -
W4chund's avatar
W4chund - Game Moderator -
WelshGaz's avatar
WelshGaz - Game Moderator -
Xiolin's avatar
Xiolin - Game Moderator -
XioPlay's avatar
XioPlay - Game Moderator -
Yoyo_ManSg's avatar
Yoyo_ManSg - Game Moderator -
Μatt's avatar
Μatt - Game Moderator -

Report Moderator

They have watched our Game Moderators and are now ready to start training to become a watcher of the roads!

Bitte_mit_Sahne's avatar
Bitte_mit_Sahne - Report Moderator -
Boutye's avatar
Boutye - Report Moderator -
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5's avatar
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 - Report Moderator -
HérissonMan's avatar
HérissonMan - Report Moderator -
Knusperschnitzel's avatar
Knusperschnitzel - Report Moderator -
Koneko_'s avatar
Koneko_ - Report Moderator -
Lorciaa's avatar
Lorciaa - Report Moderator -
meLadyBear's avatar
meLadyBear - Report Moderator -
MikeOG's avatar
MikeOG - Report Moderator -
Supreme_TMP's avatar
Supreme_TMP - Report Moderator -
szykaro23's avatar
szykaro23 - Report Moderator -
TumbEd's avatar
TumbEd - Report Moderator -
Vennas's avatar
Vennas - Report Moderator -


Observing our Game Moderators and starting to get the feel of moderating our large game network.

Fezz98's avatar
Fezz98 - Trainee -
Space Night's avatar
Space Night - Trainee -


The gurus when it comes to helping you fix whatever issue you have whenever you have one!
If you need help, all you need to do is ask them!

[IMPERIAL] ScR1oN's avatar
[IMPERIAL] ScR1oN - Support -
Jamie R's avatar
Jamie R - Support -
JJay's avatar
JJay - Support -
Linciano's avatar
Linciano - Support -
NightSword^'s avatar
NightSword^ - Support -
Noxii's avatar
Noxii - Support -
POPTOYS's avatar
POPTOYS - Support -
Sabbi [GER]'s avatar
Sabbi [GER] - Support -
Savage.'s avatar
Savage. - Support -
Snorlax.'s avatar
Snorlax. - Support -
TFM DJ ccowie's avatar
TFM DJ ccowie - Support -
Tuna_'s avatar
Tuna_ - Support -

Trial Support

The new people on the block. These people are learning to be the gurus at the helm of our support system!
Feel free to ask them any questions that may help them.

Rico.'s avatar
Rico. - Trial Support -


Hello, Witaj, Merhaba, Hallo, Hola
Translating assets and posts for the community. Making sure the community understands what is going on at TruckersMP.

[WT] Bingo [CH]'s avatar
[WT] Bingo [CH] - Translator -
akuponcture's avatar
akuponcture - Translator -
AntoniojMG  ESP's avatar
AntoniojMG ESP - Translator -
DarkScream38's avatar
DarkScream38 - Translator -
KING RYAN's avatar
KING RYAN - Translator -
MousemanLV's avatar
MousemanLV - Translator -
Patriktanki [DTQ]'s avatar
Patriktanki [DTQ] - Translator -
Samito_BG's avatar
Samito_BG - Translator -
Shayrin's avatar
Shayrin - Translator -
Snap Dragon's avatar
Snap Dragon - Translator -
Woerki (GER)'s avatar
Woerki (GER) - Translator -
ZefojGaming's avatar
ZefojGaming - Translator -

Trial Translator

How to put the quality first? They are here to improve their skills during the training period and ensure that the community will get professional translations!

Dreamy_TMP's avatar
Dreamy_TMP - Trial Translator -
Krisi1051's avatar
Krisi1051 - Trial Translator -
next7's avatar
next7 - Trial Translator -
Peeters Pyatrow's avatar
Peeters Pyatrow - Trial Translator -

Add-On Team

Creating additional modifications for the multiplayer. Got an idea what must be part of TruckersMP? Tell them and they will see what is possible!

DaStrobel's avatar
DaStrobel - Add-On Team -
Plum2018's avatar
Plum2018 - Add-On Team -

Event Team

Offering convoy control, planning amazing events such as races and offering useful advice.
Don't know how to make your event successful? Ask them!

[Lima-CEO] Phon's avatar
[Lima-CEO] Phon - Event Team -
[LKW Tr.] vladdis611[CEO]'s avatar
[LKW Tr.] vladdis611[CEO] - Event Team -
Andreas A.H's avatar
Andreas A.H - Event Team -
Beales's avatar
Beales - Event Team -
courtz49's avatar
courtz49 - Event Team -
DJ Jefferz's avatar
DJ Jefferz - Event Team -
kNex FaNz's avatar
kNex FaNz - Event Team -
Levi [NL/GER]'s avatar
Levi [NL/GER] - Event Team -
M.J.'s avatar
M.J. - Event Team -
Mr. Calvin's avatar
Mr. Calvin - Event Team -
Whitelodge's avatar
Whitelodge - Event Team -

Community Moderator

Keeping our Forums, Facebook page & group and our Discord clean and tidy.
Feel free to say hi to them but don’t spam.

[ATL] VLAD (UA)'s avatar
[ATL] VLAD (UA) - Community Moderator -
Arradin's avatar
Arradin - Community Moderator -
Chev's avatar
Chev - Community Moderator -
Chris [PL]'s avatar
Chris [PL] - Community Moderator -
MrBrandman's avatar
MrBrandman - Community Moderator -
Nameless GhouI's avatar
Nameless GhouI - Community Moderator -
Sgt Salt's avatar
Sgt Salt - Community Moderator -
XFMaster9666's avatar
XFMaster9666 - Community Moderator -

Media Team

Creating videos, photos and more.
Creativity and skill are just 2 of the many skills that the members of this team have!

~Ciprian-Ionut~'s avatar
~Ciprian-Ionut~ - Media Team -
CaptainKostaZ's avatar
CaptainKostaZ - Media Team -
EHHVTC - Ollie's avatar
EHHVTC - Ollie - Media Team -
G4M3P1X3L's avatar
G4M3P1X3L - Media Team -
LaxZ's avatar
LaxZ - Media Team -


Automation is key!
Invulnerable, immortal and always working. We are what you would only dream to be.

Bot Botdottir's avatar
Bot Botdottir - Bot -