Game Producer

Managing the progression, development and operation of the project, determining what’s next for TruckersMP.

Smoky's avatar
Smoky - Game Producer -

Game Developer

Responsible for developing exciting new in-game features, fixing bugs, and improving your game experience.

ShawnCZek's avatar
ShawnCZek - Game Developer -
mwl4's avatar
mwl4 - Game Developer -


Keeping everyone connected, working behind the scenes to keep our servers and other TruckersMP services online.

Kat_pw's avatar
Kat_pw - DevOps -
Krashnz's avatar
Krashnz - DevOps -
^3v.'s avatar
^3v. - DevOps -

Web Developer

Responsible for creating advanced new systems on the website, fixing bugs and making our website easy to use.

AndrewTech's avatar
AndrewTech - Web Developer -
Kid Fabi's avatar
Kid Fabi - Web Developer -
_J-M's avatar
_J-M - Web Developer -

Project Manager

The direction of the project is something that these people focus on!
The main thing to ask is... What new things do we expect to see in the future?

Jeronimο's avatar
Jeronimο - Project Manager -

Vice Project Manager

The direction of the project is something that these people focus on!
The main thing to ask is... What new things do we expect to see in the future?

Phon's avatar
Phon - Vice Project Manager -


The Advisor provides neutral advice to management and development when decisions impacting the project or team need to be taken.

Nameless Ghoul's avatar
Nameless Ghoul - Advisor -

Service and Data Analyst

Responsible for evaluating and analysing the project's processes and procedures and providing possible solutions to improve them, and providing internal and external analytics to measure and share health and performance.

Prime's avatar
Prime - Service and Data Analyst -

Senior Game Moderation Manager

Coordinating Game Moderation Management to ensure a high level of consistency and professionalism across our in-game platform, and working to improve our game rules.

marco6158's avatar
marco6158 - Senior Game Moderation Manager -

Senior Support Manager

Coordinating Support Management to make sure all queries and problems are solved as quickly as possible, with the right answers and friendly responses.

Ali.'s avatar
Ali. - Senior Support Manager -

Senior Event Manager

Coordinating Event Management to ensure all official events are organised, carried out and reviewed to a high standard, and ensuring efficiency across all operations.

Whitelodge's avatar
Whitelodge - Senior Event Manager -

Community Manager

Ensuring the community is always connected to the staff by talking to you on social media, planning campaigns to improve your experience, and moderating website systems.

IethaI's avatar
IethaI - Community Manager -
Krewlex's avatar
Krewlex - Community Manager -
Stan's avatar
Stan - Community Manager -

Community Moderation Manager

Managing our Community Moderation teams to ensure our Discord, forum and Twitch rules are followed, and working to improve the efficiency of our moderators.

Critical's avatar
Critical - Community Moderation Manager -
_sneaht_0810's avatar
_sneaht_0810 - Community Moderation Manager -

Game Moderation Manager

Ensuring that all game punishments are fair, moderators are replying to you in a professional and unbiased manner and working to improve the game moderation workflows.

Aek177's avatar
Aek177 - Game Moderation Manager -
Ashley's avatar
Ashley - Game Moderation Manager -
Fezz98's avatar
Fezz98 - Game Moderation Manager -
marco6158's avatar
marco6158 - Game Moderation Manager -

Support Manager

Ensuring that our support staff are giving clear, quick and understandable responses to your problems, and working to make helpful information as accessible as possible.

Ali.'s avatar
Ali. - Support Manager -
GGF MD's avatar
GGF MD - Support Manager -

Add-On Manager

Supervising and contributing to the creation of official assets such as vehicles, skins and accessories to ensure everything is to a high standard and released bug-free.

Nika_'s avatar
Nika_ - Add-On Manager -
TeamDeer's avatar
TeamDeer - Add-On Manager -

Event Manager

Responsible for preparing, carrying out and reviewing all official events with the Event Team to deliver you a smooth and organised experience, each time better than the last.

Andreas.'s avatar
Andreas. - Event Manager -
Velo's avatar
Velo - Event Manager -
Whitelodge's avatar
Whitelodge - Event Manager -
_Skinner's avatar
_Skinner - Event Manager -

Media Manager

Responsible for planning and supervising the creation of all TruckersMP media, such as in-game photos and recaps, new graphics, logos, blog post headers and more.

TnT404's avatar
TnT404 - Media Manager -

Translation Manager

Responsible for issuing translations tasks, ensuring all translations are of a high quality and making sure that all translated content is easily accessible.

LadyAndromeda's avatar
LadyAndromeda - Translation Manager -

Game Moderator Leader

Leading our teams of Game Moderators to make sure your reports and appeals are reviewed professionally and quickly, and providing one-to-one coaching to always improve our moderators.

Araleya's avatar
Araleya - Game Moderator Leader -
BlocKing's avatar
BlocKing - Game Moderator Leader -
BudokanTB's avatar
BudokanTB - Game Moderator Leader -
Chev's avatar
Chev - Game Moderator Leader -
Geology Rocks's avatar
Geology Rocks - Game Moderator Leader -
Miyu*'s avatar
Miyu* - Game Moderator Leader -
Roenz's avatar
Roenz - Game Moderator Leader -
Ruffian's avatar
Ruffian - Game Moderator Leader -
Smiddy1050's avatar
Smiddy1050 - Game Moderator Leader -
TDW24's avatar
TDW24 - Game Moderator Leader -
Tuna_'s avatar
Tuna_ - Game Moderator Leader -
Vlotex's avatar
Vlotex - Game Moderator Leader -
ZaroMW's avatar
ZaroMW - Game Moderator Leader -
[C-S] karol_domag's avatar
[C-S] karol_domag - Game Moderator Leader -
[MCG] Kien Giang's avatar
[MCG] Kien Giang - Game Moderator Leader -
bobi124's avatar
bobi124 - Game Moderator Leader -

Game Moderator Trainer

Responsible for training our Game Moderation Trainees by passing on their knowledge, so they will be ready to start moderating your reports and game servers.

JustBrankoGaming's avatar
JustBrankoGaming - Game Moderator Trainer -
MaverickTD's avatar
MaverickTD - Game Moderator Trainer -
Slow1357's avatar
Slow1357 - Game Moderator Trainer -
V.i.c.t.o.r.'s avatar
V.i.c.t.o.r. - Game Moderator Trainer -

Game Moderator

Ensuring the rules are followed on our game servers by kicking, banning and teleporting those who break the rules, and making sure your experience in-game is free from trolls and rule breakers.

...AdamCat's avatar
...AdamCat - Game Moderator -
.Richter's avatar
.Richter - Game Moderator -
.Turtle.'s avatar
.Turtle. - Game Moderator -
96AV's avatar
96AV - Game Moderator -
A n t h o n y's avatar
A n t h o n y - Game Moderator -
Adyox's avatar
Adyox - Game Moderator -
Ascension32's avatar
Ascension32 - Game Moderator -
AvxLightning's avatar
AvxLightning - Game Moderator -
B&Č Transport ASIR [CZE]'s avatar
B&Č Transport ASIR [CZE] - Game Moderator -
BluMellow's avatar
BluMellow - Game Moderator -
Cats's avatar
Cats - Game Moderator -
Chris I Camox's avatar
Chris I Camox - Game Moderator -
Cora.'s avatar
Cora. - Game Moderator -
DarkScream[TR]'s avatar
DarkScream[TR] - Game Moderator -
DatSpeed's avatar
DatSpeed - Game Moderator -
Der Joey's avatar
Der Joey - Game Moderator -
Dumbledore001YT's avatar
Dumbledore001YT - Game Moderator -
Dylаn's avatar
Dylаn - Game Moderator -
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5's avatar
EHHVTC Founder l Gamer5 - Game Moderator -
Ember.'s avatar
Ember. - Game Moderator -
FastTV's avatar
FastTV - Game Moderator -
Flaming.'s avatar
Flaming. - Game Moderator -
Fox7y's avatar
Fox7y - Game Moderator -
GEMINI.'s avatar
GEMINI. - Game Moderator -
Gullbrann's avatar
Gullbrann - Game Moderator -
Gummy.'s avatar
Gummy. - Game Moderator -
HandOfClash's avatar
HandOfClash - Game Moderator -
Harryp32's avatar
Harryp32 - Game Moderator -
Jas.'s avatar
Jas. - Game Moderator -
Killua  // Ireland ^_^'s avatar
Killua // Ireland ^_^ - Game Moderator -
Koneko's avatar
Koneko - Game Moderator -
Kubuntu's avatar
Kubuntu - Game Moderator -
LetiFreshi's avatar
LetiFreshi - Game Moderator -
Mangiskills's avatar
Mangiskills - Game Moderator -
Mario26734's avatar
Mario26734 - Game Moderator -
McNico's avatar
McNico - Game Moderator -
Mike Dragon's avatar
Mike Dragon - Game Moderator -
Moy.'s avatar
Moy. - Game Moderator -
MrG_uk's avatar
MrG_uk - Game Moderator -
MrSirViking's avatar
MrSirViking - Game Moderator -
Mystere's avatar
Mystere - Game Moderator -
Naklov.'s avatar
Naklov. - Game Moderator -
Nody's avatar
Nody - Game Moderator -
Nomad.'s avatar
Nomad. - Game Moderator -
Olioak's avatar
Olioak - Game Moderator -
Picky.'s avatar
Picky. - Game Moderator -
Purrie's avatar
Purrie - Game Moderator -
RJGAM3R's avatar
RJGAM3R - Game Moderator -
ReacherK's avatar
ReacherK - Game Moderator -
Rider.'s avatar
Rider. - Game Moderator -
Sabbi.'s avatar
Sabbi. - Game Moderator -
Schak Bruijn's avatar
Schak Bruijn - Game Moderator -
Slakkie4x2's avatar
Slakkie4x2 - Game Moderator -
Spat91's avatar
Spat91 - Game Moderator -
SpectralProphet's avatar
SpectralProphet - Game Moderator -
SpoonyUK's avatar
SpoonyUK - Game Moderator -
Stormboi1337's avatar
Stormboi1337 - Game Moderator -
TTV/Ryandench57356's avatar
TTV/Ryandench57356 - Game Moderator -
Trand's avatar
Trand - Game Moderator -
Triggsy's avatar
Triggsy - Game Moderator -
Truckerdan_TMP's avatar
Truckerdan_TMP - Game Moderator -
W4chund's avatar
W4chund - Game Moderator -
White Wolf.'s avatar
White Wolf. - Game Moderator -
Wingerion's avatar
Wingerion - Game Moderator -
[MCG] MemeBundy's avatar
[MCG] MemeBundy - Game Moderator -
[OBL] - ZachTheCanadian's avatar
[OBL] - ZachTheCanadian - Game Moderator -
[S.PLH]Warrior's avatar
[S.PLH]Warrior - Game Moderator -
[Интегра] ResTed's avatar
[Интегра] ResTed - Game Moderator -
eireluke's avatar
eireluke - Game Moderator -
immortal766's avatar
immortal766 - Game Moderator -
jasja's avatar
jasja - Game Moderator -
maksch's avatar
maksch - Game Moderator -

Report Moderator

Dealing with your reports on the website to ensure rule breakers are banned.

Akoa's avatar
Akoa - Report Moderator -
Coolio85's avatar
Coolio85 - Report Moderator -
Cyberskilzz's avatar
Cyberskilzz - Report Moderator -
Davidsvr6-TMP's avatar
Davidsvr6-TMP - Report Moderator -
GoodMan.'s avatar
GoodMan. - Report Moderator -
Leon Baker's avatar
Leon Baker - Report Moderator -
NexusMEISTER's avatar
NexusMEISTER - Report Moderator -
Sim 1's avatar
Sim 1 - Report Moderator -
Supreme_TMP's avatar
Supreme_TMP - Report Moderator -

Game Moderation Trainee

The new faces in our Game Moderation Team, learning how to work in the moderation environment to make sure they’ll be dealing with your reports efficiently and correctly.

Cute Fast's avatar
Cute Fast - Game Moderation Trainee -
Elih.'s avatar
Elih. - Game Moderation Trainee -

Support Team Leader

Leading and overseeing teams of Supporters, ensuring we maintain high quality standards and working closely together with Support Management to ensure the best possible help for our users.

Caramba2412's avatar
Caramba2412 - Support Team Leader -
Rico's avatar
Rico - Support Team Leader -


Responsible for answering your questions, helping you fix technical problems and assisting with anything else TruckersMP related.

Beenz.'s avatar
Beenz. - Support -
Chris2306's avatar
Chris2306 - Support -
Crestune~'s avatar
Crestune~ - Support -
Cute Fast's avatar
Cute Fast - Support -
EL KEES's avatar
EL KEES - Support -
Elih.'s avatar
Elih. - Support -
JJay's avatar
JJay - Support -
Leon Baker's avatar
Leon Baker - Support -
Lucas._'s avatar
Lucas._ - Support -
Nightmaree.'s avatar
Nightmaree. - Support -
Polyxena's avatar
Polyxena - Support -
SarahMaddy's avatar
SarahMaddy - Support -
Savage.'s avatar
Savage. - Support -
Skazochnick's avatar
Skazochnick - Support -
TheBear1's avatar
TheBear1 - Support -
ThiagoBR_'s avatar
ThiagoBR_ - Support -

Community Moderator Leader

Overseeing the training and performance of Community Moderators, providing feedback and coaching to improve work, and working with managers to keep the community moderation efficient.

Soul_Less's avatar
Soul_Less - Community Moderator Leader -
xBestBBx's avatar
xBestBBx - Community Moderator Leader -

Community Moderator

Divided into Stream, Discord and Forum Moderator, these people are responsible for the moderation of our out-of-game community platforms to ensure consistent rule enforcement across TruckersMP.

Caernage's avatar
Caernage - Community Moderator -
Cora.'s avatar
Cora. - Community Moderator -
DarkScream[TR]'s avatar
DarkScream[TR] - Community Moderator -
DatSpeed's avatar
DatSpeed - Community Moderator -
Farm Shark's avatar
Farm Shark - Community Moderator -
Flindix's avatar
Flindix - Community Moderator -
JJay's avatar
JJay - Community Moderator -
Joschi.'s avatar
Joschi. - Community Moderator -
Nody's avatar
Nody - Community Moderator -
TreesFamilyMember's avatar
TreesFamilyMember - Community Moderator -
[Интегра] ResTed's avatar
[Интегра] ResTed - Community Moderator -


Hello, Witaj, Merhaba, Hallo, Hola, Salut! Language experts, Translators work tirelessly to bring you as much content as possible in various languages, so even more people can experience TruckersMP.

Acvilla's avatar
Acvilla - Translator -
Agential.'s avatar
Agential. - Translator -
B&Č Transport ASIR [CZE]'s avatar
B&Č Transport ASIR [CZE] - Translator -
Bai  Hua's avatar
Bai Hua - Translator -
Crestune~'s avatar
Crestune~ - Translator -
Davidsvr6-TMP's avatar
Davidsvr6-TMP - Translator -
Fl1xmeister's avatar
Fl1xmeister - Translator -
Gianlu_A350's avatar
Gianlu_A350 - Translator -
Gmakata's avatar
Gmakata - Translator -
Gullbrann's avatar
Gullbrann - Translator -
Ivonole's avatar
Ivonole - Translator -
JustBrankoGaming's avatar
JustBrankoGaming - Translator -
Mircea541real's avatar
Mircea541real - Translator -
Next7's avatar
Next7 - Translator -
NexusMEISTER's avatar
NexusMEISTER - Translator -
Nxbody17's avatar
Nxbody17 - Translator -
Samito_BG's avatar
Samito_BG - Translator -
ThiagoBR_'s avatar
ThiagoBR_ - Translator -
ZabbeX's avatar
ZabbeX - Translator -
[DJ Trans*040] djmtrlltc's avatar
[DJ Trans*040] djmtrlltc - Translator -
ΛntoniojMG's avatar
ΛntoniojMG - Translator -

Add-On Team

Responsible for creating official modifications for TruckersMP such as map edits, skins, accessories and vehicles.

.Quality's avatar
.Quality - Add-On Team -
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy's avatar
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy - Add-On Team -
Krіsі's avatar
Krіsі - Add-On Team -
mdshahid6540's avatar
mdshahid6540 - Add-On Team -

Media Team

Creating high-quality photos, videos, graphics, animations and banners for use across TruckersMP to promote and advertise the project.

Crestune~'s avatar
Crestune~ - Media Team -
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy's avatar
EHHVTC l Creepergamingboy - Media Team -
JustinSijbolts's avatar
JustinSijbolts - Media Team -
Mingran7's avatar
Mingran7 - Media Team -
ffracing75's avatar
ffracing75 - Media Team -
issam0707's avatar
issam0707 - Media Team -
~Ciprian-Ionut~'s avatar
~Ciprian-Ionut~ - Media Team -

Official Streamer

Streaming on the official Twitch channel to provide entertaining content for you, and answering any questions you might have while watching.

BraggGamingTwitch's avatar
BraggGamingTwitch - Official Streamer -
TFM_Flynn's avatar
TFM_Flynn - Official Streamer -
jamesdgaming's avatar
jamesdgaming - Official Streamer -

Event Team

Helping to organise and execute official events such as our convoys, Real Operations, Tournaments and more by giving directions and instructions to help the event run smoothly.

-Elvis-'s avatar
-Elvis- - Event Team -
.Turtle.'s avatar
.Turtle. - Event Team -
Azuly's avatar
Azuly - Event Team -
BudokanTB's avatar
BudokanTB - Event Team -
Coolieboy's avatar
Coolieboy - Event Team -
Declan2022's avatar
Declan2022 - Event Team -
Doxxyz's avatar
Doxxyz - Event Team -
Doñ Cheeki's avatar
Doñ Cheeki - Event Team -
Emma.'s avatar
Emma. - Event Team -
Forerunner's avatar
Forerunner - Event Team -
GeorgeFromTFM's avatar
GeorgeFromTFM - Event Team -
HandOfClash's avatar
HandOfClash - Event Team -
Jake_F's avatar
Jake_F - Event Team -
Lime.'s avatar
Lime. - Event Team -
MrAndyTF's avatar
MrAndyTF - Event Team -
Niv''s avatar
Niv' - Event Team -
NoTime4name's avatar
NoTime4name - Event Team -
Purrie's avatar
Purrie - Event Team -
Replay__'s avatar
Replay__ - Event Team -
Santi.'s avatar
Santi. - Event Team -
TFM_Flynn's avatar
TFM_Flynn - Event Team -
TFM_Kye's avatar
TFM_Kye - Event Team -
Ulog's avatar
Ulog - Event Team -
Voltera's avatar
Voltera - Event Team -
[ConSecGroup] xXJDTVXx's avatar
[ConSecGroup] xXJDTVXx - Event Team -
_The Witcher_'s avatar
_The Witcher_ - Event Team -
centurion.'s avatar
centurion. - Event Team -
gra3m388's avatar
gra3m388 - Event Team -
jamesdgaming's avatar
jamesdgaming - Event Team -
shift2k's avatar
shift2k - Event Team -
super37s's avatar
super37s - Event Team -

Test Coordinator

Test coordinators manage our Testing Team and ensure that each product works as intended before it’s launched. This may include overseeing quality assurance testing, beta testing, and other forms of testing.

Prime's avatar
Prime - Test Coordinator -

Testing Team

Testing new content to ensure everything is working as intended! From website features to new map changes - they do it all!

JustBrankoGaming's avatar
JustBrankoGaming - Testing Team -
Krіsі's avatar
Krіsі - Testing Team -
TreesFamilyMember's avatar
TreesFamilyMember - Testing Team -
[S.PLH]Warrior's avatar
[S.PLH]Warrior - Testing Team -
^3v.'s avatar
^3v. - Testing Team -


Automation is key!
Invulnerable, immortal and always working. We are what you would only dream to be.

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Bot Botdottir - Bot -
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Bot Placeholder - Bot -