Always building something
The people responsible for creating the mod and ensuring the servers keep running.

_J-M Developer
CJMAXiK [RU] Developer
HumaneWolf Developer
Kat_pw Developer
Krashnz Developer
mwl4 Developer
ShawnCZek Developer

Project Manager

Where should the project go next?
These people make sure we're all headed in the correct direction.

Scar Project Manager

Vice Project Manager

Where should the project go next?
These people make sure we're all headed in the correct direction.

konfig0 Vice Project Manager

Community Manager

Facebook, Twitter, Forums
They do it all to interact with our users and fans!

bluesbass Community Manager
Pillow_ Community Manager
Prime Community Manager
Trucking Australia Community Manager
Wheezy Community Manager

Media Manager

The best picture of the month and other community projects. Making sure that amazing assets are being created.

Sgt_Tailor Media Manager

Game Manager

Authors of the game rules you kindly follow.
Managing event servers, rules and the Game Moderator team.

Anriandor Game Manager
marco6158 Game Manager
Smoky_TMP Game Manager

Add-On Manager

Modifying the game to make the multiplayer experience even more amazing! Ensuring that everything complies with the rules and is up to the highest quality standards.

Forerunner Add-On Manager

Event Manager

Convoys, Truckfests or Public Races? Managing the Event Team and providing convoy control during official events.

Digital Event Manager

Support Manager

Standing ready for the unsolvable! Overseeing the Support Team and checking the quality to help solve issues quickly.

Lorena* Support Manager
MHT_ Support Manager

Community Moderation Manager

On the forum, Discord or the Facebook group - making sure rules are being followed. These people are in charge of the Community Moderators.

ChrisPatrols Community Moderation Manager
Nataliia Community Moderation Manager

Game Moderator Leader

Training, coaching and supporting.
These friendly people help our game moderators and ensure punishments are issued fairly.

[Интегра] Fallen [BY] Game Moderator Leader
[Интегра] ResTed Game Moderator Leader
Aestrial Game Moderator Leader
Aragon Game Moderator Leader
DerAmpelmann Game Moderator Leader
immortal766 Game Moderator Leader
JeffSFC Game Moderator Leader
K0rnholio Game Moderator Leader
KhaosHammer Game Moderator Leader
Valeant Game Moderator Leader

Game Moderator

Throw out a "hey ya!" when you see them!
Protecting the roads from rammers, blockers and the unscrupulous.

[F-T M] FreZyFaiL Game Moderator
[RusTK] Alex KERNEL Game Moderator
[S.PLH]Warrior Game Moderator
[WT] AlexXX Game Moderator
[WTLVTC] Pragaras Game Moderator
Adrian22-PL Game Moderator
Akoa Game Moderator
Babou71 Game Moderator
BlocKing Game Moderator
Bonnm Game Moderator
BoSsik2 Game Moderator
Caitlin. Game Moderator
CaptainKostaZ Game Moderator
Chris I Camox Game Moderator
Coppekss Game Moderator
Cyrusj Game Moderator
darkneon2002 Game Moderator
David Edson Game Moderator
DesertEagle26 Game Moderator
DeviLee Game Moderator
dualznz Game Moderator
El1teZombiezHD Game Moderator
GGF MD Game Moderator
GoknOz Game Moderator
HerrSwizz Game Moderator
heyhococo Game Moderator
izm07 Game Moderator
Kayr0 Game Moderator
Keezome Game Moderator
Krewlex Game Moderator
LadyAndromeda Game Moderator
legress Game Moderator
LUIG Game Moderator
Majster Game Moderator
Martin. Game Moderator
Meitt Game Moderator
Mike Dragon Game Moderator
Nathan Game Moderator
RequieB Game Moderator
slushbro Game Moderator
Speedy_TMP Game Moderator
SuliHD Game Moderator
Syntackz Game Moderator
Syntog Game Moderator
TeamDeer Game Moderator
Terry A Game Moderator
The Scottish Lad Game Moderator
verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) Game Moderator
W4chund Game Moderator
WarMaz Game Moderator
White Wolf. Game Moderator
Yoyo_ManSg Game Moderator

Trial Game Moderator

You have to start somewhere, right?
These people are being taught how to use our rule enforcement tools.

҉ Killua // Ireland ^_^ Trial Game Moderator
-VOYVODA- Trial Game Moderator
[AHL] Aek177 Trial Game Moderator
[VIVA] PsychicznyMajster Trial Game Moderator
aluizio' Trial Game Moderator
Armonk Trial Game Moderator
Bull [NL] Trial Game Moderator
Craigals Trial Game Moderator
Frosty. Trial Game Moderator
Istanbullue Trial Game Moderator
MrCipr Trial Game Moderator
MrSirViking Trial Game Moderator
Nody Trial Game Moderator
Sgt Salt Trial Game Moderator
Silver Strikyn Trial Game Moderator
SuperMouse Trial Game Moderator
Total EDM Trial Game Moderator
XioPlay Trial Game Moderator


Need help? They are here!
Feel free to reach out to them whenever you have a question or issue.

[WTLVTC] ismail [TR] Support
AdaBey Support
Asatelon Support
CrackPrewier Support
DJFrontier Support
Dr'Dri Support
EHHVTC Manager I Ollie Support
EPS!LON Support
Gromm99 Support
iFlufy Support
King^ Support
Mirrland Support
NeonLeon Support
novice Support
OBrasileiro Support
SedaTheKing Support
TFM DJ ccowie Support
Trucking French Support
VampireOfSnake Support
XFMaster9666 Support

Trial Support

We can help, too!
Ask them a question and put their knowledge to the test.

Ali. Trial Support

Trial Game Mod Observer

They are here to learn the basics - what does it take to be a Game Mod?

LSPD Gamer Trial Game Mod Observer
Olioak Trial Game Mod Observer
sshadmin Trial Game Mod Observer
Virus59X [TMP] Trial Game Mod Observer

Community Moderator

Keeping the community clean and tidy
Drop them a friendly hello, just please don't spam :)

.weezy Community Moderator
[ P & S ] Shadii [PL/ENG] Community Moderator
[LKW Tr.] Kap Community Moderator
Albert. Community Moderator
iHobbit Community Moderator
JessyNyan Community Moderator
Lukavsky TMP Community Moderator
Matt #CarLadMatt Community Moderator
Moh_ Community Moderator
MrHarv98 Community Moderator
Positivetrucking168 Community Moderator
StickyEagle Community Moderator
Suleyman.53 Community Moderator
ян Powerful Community Moderator

Media Team

Images, videos, live streams and events.
Creativity knows no limits for this team.

¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR] Media Team
Domi7237 Media Team
LaxZ Media Team
Zelcrum Media Team


Invulnerable, immortal and always working. We are what you would like to be.

Bot Botdottir Bot
google_robot Bot

Event Team

Offering convoy control, planning amazing events such as races and offering useful advice. Don't know how to make your event successful? Ask them!

[GlobEx] Numb3r2 Event Team
[WTLVTC - Owner] Senka Event Team
[WTLVTC] DubStepMad Event Team
kNex FaNz Event Team
M.J. Event Team
NoTime4name Event Team
Racyen Event Team

Add-On Team

Creating additional modifications for the multiplayer. Got an idea what must be part of TruckersMP? Tell them and they will see what is possible!

CroTruck TruckersMP Add-On Team
Lasse_ Add-On Team