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Monthly Newsletter - April 2024

By Ricky {20}   |   14 May 22:10 UTC | Updated on 14 May 22:10 UTC

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 👋

We hope the past month has been wonderful for each of you. And now, in the month of May, we wish you and your families days filled with joy and smiles, along with plenty of luck and wellness for the rest of the year ahead!

💛 The latest changes in Pries

We are pleased to announce that during this period, we have forged two significant collaborations that will enable us to grow and further enhance our services. These partnerships will not only improve our quality as a VTC but also enable us to grow as a community. We are delighted to announce that one of our new partnerships is with Alpha Haulage LTD, a long-standing collaboration that we are pleased to reinforce. We extend our gratitude for once again choosing to collaborate with us. This renewed agreement provides us with the opportunity to continue growing together and delivering even better services to our members. We are excited about this collaboration and look forward to hosting many more events together in the future! Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities as we continue to work together towards a future of success and prosperity. <3

👉 Join AHL VTC Discord

Another significant partnership we've established is with Need Convoy Control, a formidable team created by itsPeanutttt, who assisted us in managing our recent anniversary event held in April. Their expertise and support were invaluable in ensuring the smooth running and success of our event, and without them, we wouldn't have been able to execute it so meticulously. We are immensely grateful for their collaboration and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. This partnership embodies our commitment to collaborating with teams of professionals to create a positive and friendly environment for everyone attending our events.

👉 Join Need Convoy Control Discord

Pries Logistics 5 Year Anniversary - Results 💛

On behalf of Pries Logistics Management, I would like to thank everyone who attended our 5th Anniversary Event which took place on April 13th.

We've been deeply touched by the incredible feedback we received from numerous participants both during and after the event. Your messages via in-game chat, have truly warmed our hearts. It means a lot to us knowing that you enjoyed sharing those special hours with us. As they say, perfection is elusive... but we will continue to strive for improvement to ensure effective and enjoyable events for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you again anytime soon on our future public convoys/events! <3

🚚 Driver of the Month

The person who attended the most convoys and became our 🚚 Driver of the Month for the month of April is Dheeraj Sasan! As well, he committed to driving as many kilometers as possible compared to other drivers. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone for your activity during this last month and we hope everyone will keep the effort going for that month as well! <3

The next event by Pries Logistics! 👀

Our next public convoy will take place on ETS2, on the 29th of May, we will be heading to Hanover, exploring some lovely roads, and scenic highways. All information for this event may be found here.

☀ Staff Changes


TR_Batuhan has been promoted to Event Manager!

EYECATCHER has joined as a Trial Pries Driver and was later promoted to Driver!


Scary has left Pries Logistics due to personal reasons.

HauSued72 has been removed from Pries Logistics due to failure to follow the rules.

FelixZ has left Pries Logistics due to personal reasons.

DarkCat_TMP has left Pries Logistics due to personal reasons.

External Staff:

Moy has left External Event Department due to lack of time.

Bellø. has joined as External Event Department!

Brεεzy_v8 | Sam has joined as External Event Department!

Thanks for reading and have a nice month! <3

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