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Picture of the Month | July 2023

By Nody   |   08 Aug 2023 06:33 UTC | Updated on 08 Aug 2023 06:35 UTC

Greetings Pirate Members!!!

I'm back with another POTM of 2023!!!

This time we didn't see much participation in the competition and which is why we extended the POTM a week more to see if we can get any more contestant.

Unfortunately, we were only able to see two contestant; Nonetheless, the competition is competition, whether it be between two people or 10, winners will always be choosen and the best ones will be rewarded!

That being said! It's time to announce the winners of July's 2023 POTM! It's worth noting that each and everyone who participated in the competition did an amazing job! However, the people who go beyond our expectations and give their best will always be given the rewards or recognition they deserve!

Congratulations, øAlmeida, who secured the 1st Place!!

2nd place has been secured by Qw1ko! Well done!!

That being said! Once again, thank you so much to each and every member of our lovely community who took part in POTM July 2023. Hope to see you all soon in the next month's POTM winners! If you haven't secured the position this month, don't lose the motivation, there's always a next time, and maybe you might be the lucky one! As always, we really appreciate everything you do!

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Pirate for all Eternity

Kind Regards
Pirate Logistics - Media Manager


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