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By Sowren   |   13 Nov 2023 19:00 UTC | Updated on 13 Nov 2023 19:05 UTC

Hello again after a long break, everyone!

As you know, our VTC has been inactive for a long time. Now it's time to come back! We are renewing and updating all our systems for you. In general, we can say that a large-scale change awaits us. Firstly, we would like to talk about what we will do as the Event Team! We know that events are the heart of a VTC. We will act with this in mind.

First of all, we must say that we will not participate in any events until December 15, 2023. Unfortunately, we will not accept any invitation until that date, and there will be no convoy organized by us. We will also have organised our own convoys by that date.

We are reforming our Event Team staff. We are looking for talented teammates who can work harder. If you are interested, you can find information on how to apply in the rest of this article.

Basically, you will be dealing with the convoy invitations we receive. When we receive a convoy invitation, you will decide whether that convoy is suitable or not. You are also responsible for other side tasks assigned by the managers. Examples of side tasks are sending invitations to other VTCs about our convoys, finding a new route for our convoys or taking part in our convoys.

We have some basic requirements to join the team. Let's talk about them!

  • You must have at least 2 hours of free time a day.
  • You should be able to speak good English via text.
  • You should know how to talk to other people. You must follow all the rules when writing via ticket.
  • You should have some knowledge about how to use Discord channels and bots.
  • Only Full Pirate Drivers can apply.

We are very excited to see all of you who are eager to join the team. If you want to be part of the event team, create a ticket now by click here. Recruitment will close at 15 December 21:00 UTC.

Pirate for all Eternity...

~ Event Team Management (sowren & forliotmp)


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