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By ValCord   |   01 Apr 00:00 UTC | Updated on 10 Jun 20:01 UTC

Hey there!

It is the end of the month and we've decided to post a newsletter! We will attempt to get a newsletter posted for every month so that our company can see our future plans etc. and how we've improved. These newsletters will get published at the end of a month (Last day of the month).

  • What has changed in our VTC this month
  • What convoys we've created
  • Statistics (new members, retired members, etc.)
  • Future plans
  • Driver of the month
  • Photo of the month

Alpha version of our new website! We've recently decided to change the platform and language in where we operate our website from. The change from "domene.shop" to "Vercel.app" was simply due to the options that vercel provides and the ease updating the website through Github rather than having to enter console every time we need to do a minor change. After some tinkering around the website, we've also come to the conclusion that we'll be having a two part application process, where we'll be acquiring a sub-domain as well as the main website. This is still in alpha, meaning that we haven't completed the whole website yet, especially considering this language is still relatively new for us. We've decided to move from PHP over to React/Next.js due to this generally being a better language in our opinion, and it is easier to add more stuff to this new website. A result of this may be that the website will be down for a couple of days. We will try to get the new site up and running as soon as possible, however patience is required for this. Alpha version test site: https://titanvtc.vercel.app/

Titan Express - 1 Year Anniversary convoy IN A WEEK! Our 1 Year Anniversary convoy is about to happen! We're trying to actively get as many people as possible to attend this milestone that we've achgieved, and would love for you to list as "Attending"! <3 Link: https://truckersmp.com/events/19002

We Currently have two convoys up! The following include:

Make sure to join!

  • Applications received: 7

  • Members joined: 4

  • Members retired: N/A

  • Members on trial: 5

  • Total amount of drivers (at the time of writing this): 55

  • We're looking to join more ATS events in the upcoming month to accommodate for the ATS drivers of this VTC (yet again)
  • Bringing back the "convoy reviews" that we previously posted as news
  • Potentially changing our tracker (more on this will come as time goes by)

Our total for this month has been at 269 368km for ETS2, and 14 936mi for ATS. The person with the most Kilometers this month is Enzo R, with a staggering 101 886km / 63 309mi!

1. speedy123

2. norbert.v8

3. awenplays

That concludes this month's newsletter! As always, thank you for continuously supporting our VTC, and as we always say. "You can always count on us".

Kind Regards,


Co-Owner @ Titan Express

haulielove 1


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Doba2002 | 2 months ago

Very gucci!!! =))


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