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🎉 | Titan Express 1 Year Anniversary Convoy | 🎉

By ValCord   |   07 Apr 15:00 UTC | Updated on 07 Apr 15:00 UTC

🎉 | Started from the bottom, now we here!

Its mind-blowing to see how we started as a small friend group looking to drive on TruckersMP, and ended up as a Validated VTC expanding day by day, opening up to a huge community and supporters to push through on our journey to become the go-to VTC for everyone!

On this fantastic trip, we revisited where we first started our first official convoy, back when we were known as "Titan Transport Logistics". We invited a bunch of awesome truckers to join us on our lovely drive from Vienna 🇦🇹, all the way to Hannover 🇩🇪, just at the place we ended our first convoy. This is a moment of history we definitely will remember for years to come, and it's all thanks to you guys!

🎉 | Convoy Review

On the 6th of April, 2024, we celebrated a year of Titan Express. At 17:00 UTC, The event server opened, and almost all the company slots were filled. At 17:45, the first crowd set off from Bratislava 🇸🇰, and then the rest from Vienna 🇦🇹,where we set off to depart on our memorable journey.

As soon as we arrived in Hannover 🇩🇪, we started our Truckfest, where we chose winners in different categories, including rewards for:

🎉 | Statistics

This event was made 5 months prior to this post. From that date, we've had:

  • 55 VTC's Attending
  • 250+ Attending
  • 14 Unsure

🎉 | Contributors

We thank both Stride Haulage and Snowball Media for the immense amount of help they have done throughout the convoy.

Stride Haulage served the role as Convoy Control (CC)

Snowball Media served the role as the Media Team

Make sure to go check them out!

🎉 | Truckfest winners

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