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By hjvg   |   27 Mar 12:00 UTC | Updated on 27 Mar 12:03 UTC

In this post some screenshots what our members are up to at the moment. And of course there is also speculation on the release date of 1.50 within our vtc.

With the amount of mail that SCS Software has been putting out lately, it is pretty clear that update 1.50 is coming any day now. There is a lot of speculation in our chats about when the release will come. And what the consequences will be for TMP and also what will happen within the vtc if TMP will be offline for a while.

For Easter Global Cargo has an internal event which at least does not depend on which version is online although it will of course be nice if we can keep it on TMP.

But of course there is still plenty of driving in TMP and single player below some screenshots of members.

picture from: Chaotic Control

picture from: Tdp2612

picture from: AngeloNl

picture from: Terence PriceYT


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