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Golden Phoenix Express | August Recap

By Iuca   |   02 Sep 2023 11:00 UTC | Updated on 14 Oct 2023 18:55 UTC

GPE X Prime, 3 convoys in 📅

For the past couple of months, we have been running private convoys with our partner, Prime. This monthly event allows us to build stronger connections with our partnered VTC’s and also allow our drivers to build relationships with other VTC’s. We have been running this event with prime since May and also talked about it in June. We believe these partnered convoys are great for us and Prime, and we hope our drivers love them too.

Our most recent drive with Prime happened earlier this week, where we took a drive through Vive La France, tackling the roads to head up to Torino from Limoges. We hope to continue this with Prime into the future.

GPE Shining Stars ⭐

Each month, we will now be dedicating one of our blog posts to our drivers, through a new series called "Shining Stars". Randomly picked from the team, we interview them and put them into the spotlight. It gives a chance for you to learn more about our drivers and also what they think of Golden Phoenix Express.

We will be asking our drivers 10 questions and really get to know about the person. We have already done the first Shining Star Blog Post with Moss4YY (Check it out here) and we hope to publish more of these in the future. With the next Shining Stars post coming out on the 10th, who knows who it will be!

Driver changes: 🚚

DevilG - [Driver]
Sparky170188 - [Driver]
~Princess Yuna~ - [Driver]
ArkticJu - [Driver]
Lime. - [Driver]
JessExpress - [Driver]
blue moon max - [Trial Driver]
MajesticAmy31 - [Trial Driver]
-Matte- - [Trial Driver]
Heasid - [Trial Driver]
User_4804105 - [Trial Driver]
The Sem - [Trial Driver]

Staff Changes: 🚛

Purrie [Event Assistant] → Public
Sjovn [Event Manager] → Event team
Stones8000 [Event Team] → Public Relations Team
Stones8000 [Public Relations Team] → Event Assistant
Charlie#5485 [Public Relations Team] → Event Team
Scary’ [Media Team] → Public
relamqui [Public] → Media Team
Gummy. [Media Team] → Public
centurion. [Event Team] → Event Assistant
'Desquaren' [Testing Team] → Media Assistant

Kind Regards,
GPE Public Relations Team


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