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Golden Phoenix Express | May Recap

By TheFlynner   |   01 Jun 2023 00:00 UTC | Updated on 14 Jun 2023 20:01 UTC

TruckersMP Anniversary

At the end of April, TruckersMP started announcing the upcoming events. The first event was the Festival on Haulie Island. This included spectacular activities such as a custom dragstrip, a dirt track, and incredible music from TruckersFM while they ran giveaways for the community.

The Official Convoys were the second feature of the TruckersMP Anniversary weekend. These convoys were on ATS as well as ETS2. We are glad the community got the chance to celebrate the TruckersMP in large numbers. The lag was definitely something to remember!

And when May 1st came near, they finally opened one of the greatest servers that would remain active for two weeks. The Freeroam Server, which only opens once a year, provides a place where you may do whatever you want and the rules are not enforced. Here, you can witness everyone having a great time, including cops and robbers, or even VTC’s attempting convoys down the CD road.

Introducing Joint Convoys!

You heard correctly! As part of our Internal Convoy Agreement, GPE is now organising private convoys with other VTC’s. It has been a privilege to participate in these joint convoys with Prime Logistics. Together, we have covered a great distance and visited some incredible locations!

Driver Of The Month | May!!

May is over and therefore it's time to announce the Driver Of The Month. After all we wish you a great Pride Month!

Driver Of The Month | Jobs

1st place - itspeanutttt • 306,054km
2nd place - F_I_S_T • 260,709km
3rd place - xxNightHawkzxx • 209,759km

Driver Of The Month | Events

1st place - Just Yarne • 50 Points
2nd place - Moss4YY • 44 Points
3rd place - Anderssnorway • 39 Points

Congrats to all the winners.

New Members & Staff Changes of GPE

New Members of GPE

SpardonS [Trial Driver]
Wesjet [Trial Driver]
Maxime C. [Trial Driver]
Z E N [Trial Driver]
Anastasia [Driver]
Mist [Driver]
vlotex [Trial Driver]
F_I_S_T [Driver]
MakzCL [Driver]
Itspeanutttt [Driver]
Guapo [Trial Driver] [Trial Driver]

Staff Changes

ConorOnFM ➔ Public Relations Team
BluMellow ➔ Media Manager
Just Tanging Along ➔ Media Team
Scary ➔ Media Team
Exotic ➔ Event Team
itspeanutttt ➔ Event Team

Kind Regards,
GPE Public Relations Team


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