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Golden Phoenix Express | June Recap

By Vicc   |   03 Jul 2023 19:15 UTC | Updated on 14 Oct 2023 18:56 UTC

GPE X Prime #2 🚚

On the 6th of June we held the second edition of GPE X Prime. As you might remember, we introduced these Joint Convoys in May. This is part of our Internal Convoy Agreement with Prime Logistics.

For this Joint Convoy we went on a trip from Craiova to Targu Mures. Together with drivers from both VTCs we explored the amazing scenery the Road To The Black Sea DLC has to offer!

Pride Month 🌈

When you say June, we say Pride Month! During the whole month, people all over the world stood in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ Community. GPE stands for a community where everyone can be themselves and feel welcome!

Every month we host a Private Convoy for our drivers. For this month we decided to organise a special edition in support of Pride Month. We all drove in different colours of the rainbow to support the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Testing Team ⚙

Ever since the launch of our Development Team, GPE has not sat still! A lot has changed over the last couple of months.

In addition to this progress, we have now introduced a new Staff Team named the Testing Team. As the name suggests, these dedicated GPE Drivers will assist the GPE Development and Management Team with evaluating & test projects that are in development.

We welcome Ajrisfree, itspeanut and desquaren to this team!

New Drivers

maxime20082002 [Trial Driver]
ZΞИJЦ / Kaoryxx [Trial Driver]
wesjet123 [Driver]
SpardonS [Driver]
Onesie. [Trial Driver]
Sexy-Nicotjuh [Trial Driver]

Staff Changes

ConorOnFM [Driver] → Public Relations Team
Mister Fox [Event Team] → Driver
JCBBuilds [Development Team] → Event Team
DJenerate [Event Team] → Event Assistant
TFM_Flynn [Public Relations Manager] → Driver
Onesie.[Trial Driver] → Event Team
colaman90 [External] → Event Team
Vonyx. [Event Assistant] → Event Team
Ajrisfree [Event Assistant] → Testing Team

Kind Regards,
GPE Public Relations Team


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