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Also known as /FelixZ1X\ Languages: English, German, Norwegian, Swedish TruckersMP ID:   3759746 Steam ID:   76561198352424679
Role: Retired Team Member
Member since: 15 Oct 2020 18:25 UTC Active bans: 0 Account status: Activated

Ex Event Team member

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Staff Racing Championship - 2024

Staff Racing Championship - 2024

Awarded: 17 Feb 21:05 UTC

Winner of the Staff Racing Championship 2024!

Direct Relief Supporter 2023

Direct Relief Supporter 2023

Awarded: 21 Dec 2023 23:42 UTC

Generously donated to Direct Relief during the Christmas Convoy 2023 fundraiser!

Real Ops V15

Real Ops V15

Awarded: 25 Nov 2023 15:10 UTC

Community Survey Participant 2023

Community Survey Participant 2023

Awarded: 01 Sep 2023 13:38 UTC

Provided valuable feedback during the TruckersMP Community Survey 2023

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