Joining the official public Discord guild

Last update: 25 Jul 2020 00:28 UTC
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In order to join this guild, you will need to go to your profile settings and then scroll down a bit. You will see that you can add Discord. Then, another window will open that asks you to insert your Discord credentials. Afterwards, you are being asked to authorise TruckersMP. The last step is simply click the invite link and follow steps in #connect-truckersmp.

The steps listed in short form:

  1. Locate to settings and scroll down until you see the 'Add Discord' button, click it;
  2. Log in to your Discord account (or register one if you do not have one yet);
  3. Give TruckersMP the authorisation to Discord;
  4. Follow the invite link and join. 
  5. If you enter the discord server without TruckersMP account click on ✅ in #connect-truckersmp channel and wait.
    (Note: This step is not required if you follow the steps above)

In order to see the reaction to verify your account you need to have the following option enabled in Discord settings:
Discord settings option for displaying emoji on messages

Once you have joined the server, you will not be able to chat with other straight away, there is a 5 minute wait period. It is the perfect time to read #welcome for useful information. After that you will be able to chat in various channels. 

While you are unable to chat, we ask you to read our rules which can be found in the #discord-rules channel and #welcome channel. After that you can also add certain ranks to your Discord role which give you access to, for instance, language-specific channels. Use the #roles channel and click the flag of your desired language to enter it. For example, by clicking on 🇹🇷 will give you access to the Turkish text channel. 

Other than that, there are special groups which can only be assigned by Discord Moderators (or above). Locate to the #request-group channel and check the pinned messages to review the requirements for the special ranks.

Should you experience any technical difficulties or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the community or contact the TruckersMP Support directly. In that sense, have fun chatting with other people