Joining the official public Discord guild

Last update: 09 Mar 11:15 UTC
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In order to join the official TruckersMP Discord guild, you will need to go to your profile settings and then scroll down. You will see an option that says "Add Discord". Then, another window will open that asks you to insert your Discord credentials. Afterwards, you will be asked to authorise TruckersMP to communicate with Discord and finally you can join the guild.

Connecting Discord & TruckersMP:

  1. Navigate to your profile settings and scroll down until you see the 'Add Discord' button, click it;

  1. Log in to your Discord account by entering your credentials or scanning the QR code on a mobile device where you are already logged in. You will need to register a Discord account if you do not have one yet;

  1. Allow TruckersMP to communicate with Discord;

  1. Upon being redirected to your profile settings, click the Discord icon at the bottom to join the guild. You may also edit a few settings on this page. 

Once you have joined the server, you will see this screen popup. This message welcomes you to the guild, and directs you to some useful channels we recommend you read before proceeding. Reading the Discord rules is very important! If you have connected your Discord account correctly, you will have the User role on the guild, and will be able to access all the public channels:


When in the guild as a User, you can obtain various roles and ranks to change your experience.

  • You can obtain the Subscriber and Stream Subscriber roles in the #welcome channel by reacting to the TruckersMP logo and upvote icon respectively.
    • Subscriber will notify you whenever we make important announcements, project updates or post news in the #announcements channel.
    • Stream Subscriber will notify you in the #stream-announcements channel whenever we go live on the official TruckersMP Twitch.
  • You can obtain further ranks such as language roles by navigating to the #roles channel and clicking on any of the message reactions. This will allow you to access more channels further down in the guild. For example, clicking on 🇹🇷 will give you access to the Turkish text channel, and the phone will give you access to the tech channel.
  • You can obtain the Patron role by connecting your Discord account to your Patreon account, where you are subscribed to the TruckersMP Patreon campaign.
  • You can obtain the VTC Leader role by being the owner or management of a Verified or Validated VTC. Read more here.

Joining as a guest

You may also join the TruckersMP Discord guild without connecting a TruckersMP account at all, simply click the invite link here and you can join just as easily. If you do not have a TruckersMP account connected to your Discord account, you will have the Guest role and be limited to only a few public channels. If you would then like to connect your account, head to the #connect-truckersmp channel at the top of the guild and follow the instructions, or read the top section of this article.

Should you experience any technical difficulties or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the TruckersMP Support Team directly, or direct message our ModMail bot on Discord.