Together we drive!

Hi everyone,

TruckersMP has a huge community of over two million players who all enjoy being together. In that sense, this amazing community creates many events and has already held countless convoys. All these events are forming a very big part of being together and meeting new people. The online trucking experience would only be half as good as now if there were not the great contributions of those people who plan, organise and hold events. We really appreciate the efforts as well as the dedication and thank everybody who has hosted a convoy so far.

Nevertheless, despite all the success, the Management has received quite much feedback about the way events are being promoted and held. That made us think about what can be improved. Since we want to encourage everybody to host a convoy or event, there should not be such formal restrictions as having a certain number of posts on the forum. After all, it is about the community and the game, not the forum. That being said, many changes were made and can be found in the updated topic of the Community Events Information topic, here.

Having introduced these improvements, we hope that it will be easier for everybody to host an event for ATS or ETS2. If you are somebody who always wanted to be the driving force and leader of a convoy, do not hesitate anymore and work on your project! Should you be stuck at some point, you can approach our Event Manager, Digital, who can also have a look at the current progress and possibly assist you if help is required. Note, however, that he will not be the one creating the convoy for you. When you are finished successfully planning your event, you will be easily able to host it thanks to the new standards we have set.

If you want to share your thoughts, ideas or add opinions, you can do so on the forum.

The Community Management