14 Apr 01:01


New version has been released.


  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 [d390909cb04c] (obsolete)

  • Support for American Truck Simulator [aa81fd534550] (obsolete)

  • New login screen

  • Credits improved

  • Nicknames are now taken from API (website) on the server side

  • Fixed sending passwords with non-latin characters

  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. [31327870befc] (obsolete)

  • Support for American Truck Simulator ver. [d5494a7a03b5] (obsolete)

  • Fixed crashes

  • Fixed crashes

  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. [a424d9952059]

  • Support for American Truck Simulator ver. [873f94bf1cd4]

Server Funding

01 Apr 11:36

Note: This was our april fools joke this year, and is not actually a thing.

Hi everyone,

As you all (probably) know, running a server isn't free, and this is why we are announcing our new plans to increase the reach and quality of our services today. We want to continue to offer a great product people want, and a part of that requires us to constantly be searching for more and stronger servers, that can handle larger amounts of players than today.

To achieve this goal, we have partnered up with other organizations such as the NSA and CIA to gain access to some of their computer clusters. This means we can soon open our mega-server, which should be able to support up to 100 000 players at once! All this at the low, low price of including some of their software in the mod, allowing them access to some of your files.

Thanks for all the support, and we hope you continue to enjoy the TruckersMP mod and project now and in the future. Last but not least, we would like to remind people not to take the internet seriously today.

About Rising Tensions Turkey and The Netherlands

12 Mar 13:11

Hello truckers,

Due to the rising tensions between the Netherlands and Turkey, we would like to remind our players about our rules.
Remember that racism, abusive behaviour and insulting are bannable offenses, both in-game and on the forums.

We ask that all users behave in a respectful manner between each other, and administration.

Thank you for continuous support, and please, drive safely. Community Management

PSA: Cloudflare security issue

24 Feb 15:38

Yesterday Cloudflare, which TruckersMP use for layer 7 protection, made a chilling incident report available. The issue was discovered by Tavis Ormandy from Google Project Zero, and was disclosed to Cloudflare, who mitigated the issue within 1 hour of the report.

They had a bug in their software which caused secret information to be exposed in HTTP reponses. The issue is so wide spread that in effect, it could potentially have exposed TruckersMP credentials, as well as other sites who use their services' information.

We're making this post as a quick heads-up and urge you to change passwords on your accounts, not just TruckersMP but any other site that use Cloudflare (ie. Discord). If you are a developer, or power user, roll your API keys as well.

ps. Just to make this explicitly clear: TruckersMP infrastructure has not been compromised, this applies to everyone who used Cloudflare, not just us.


Q: But Cloudflare said only some sites where affected

A: That's true, only some sites leaked information, but there is no guarantee that the data leaked wasn't from us or someone else.

Q: Was any TruckersMP data leaked?

A: Not that we're aware of, but we operate with a better safe than sorry mentality.

Q: What is PSA?

A: Public Service Announcement we're not alone

Q: I'm running out of ideas for passwords!

A: We can suggest switching to a password manager like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Keepass, KeepassX or Enpass

Title image by KacaKTV Released

25 Dec 2016 04:53


New version has been released.


  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. [4eac3ea8c0e5]

  • Chat improvements (cursor is movable now, fixed possible crash)

  • Fixed crash on startup

  • Support for Michelin Fan Pack

  • Support for Finnish Paint Jobs Pack

  • Support for Schwarzmuller DLC

Wintermod has arrived!

21 Dec 2016 04:45

Good Day!!

We're pleased to announce the release of:

Wintermod (ETS2)

  • Supplied by grimes : singleplayer version here http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=167977


  • Added version info
  • Dynamic background image
  • Added download progress information (current filename / number of files)


  • Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.26.3s [d89683f8f813]
  • Support for Dragon Truck Design DLC
  • Added winter mod

Please remember to ENABLE wintermod in settings of multiplayer to see the snow

Auto Updater Released

18 Dec 2016 00:01


We have made some small changes to the updater.

  • Compiled with lower .net framework (Hopefully this will fix users on old versions on win 7 from "Update Server Could Not Be Contacted"
  • Hid launch buttons to avoid confusion when an update is required
  • Added some extra error handling to show reasons why "Update Server Could Not be Contacted"

Note: We are aware the updater disables any UI or Font modifications, we are aware of this and are working on a solution. We will support this in the future.

If you have any issues please feel free to open a support ticket with our great team or head on over to the forums and someone should be able to help you. Screenshots and good descriptions are helpful.


Discussion link :: TruckersMP Forum

Auto patcher Released!

14 Dec 2016 02:13


Ats has been patched with a small change to hopefully reduce number of crashes.

We are also working to release autopatcher to help with users having issues connecting to the update servers


It's time to reveal one of our secret projects.. We would like you to meet our first version of our auto patcher!


With this new system, when we release an update you will not have to go to our site every time to download the new client! Exciting! What's more, the launcher is smart enough to know when files have not changed so you will not need to re-download files again and again, saving bandwidth and giving you quicker install times.

Please remember to remove your old shortcuts on your desktop and use the singular new "TruckersMP" shortcut to play both ATS and ETS2 Multiplayer via the launcher

Discussion link :: TruckersMP Forum

Version Released

29 Oct 2016 16:56

Hello, new update is here.


Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. 1.26.2s [2c8dfb1f9a3c]

Added possibility to change I/O sound device [settings]

Added to the settings default CB Radio channel

Support for Finnish Paint Job Pack and Belgian Paint Job Pack

Comments : https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/39832-version-02132-released/#comment-386098

Public Convoy 01.10.16

03 Sep 2016 11:03

The upcoming Saturday, the first of October, the TruckersMP Media Team will be arranging a public convoy in American Truck Simulator, starting at 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 12:00 EST.

The convoy will start from the Nogales Service Station and finish in Redding, following the following route:
The server we will use will be announced.

  • TruckersMP Media Team