Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

13 Mar 23:05

Hi everyone !

As some may have noticed this evening hasn't been very quiet. We'll provide more information here about the situation. Last weekend we unfortunately had to kick a very well known and respected member in the community from our team, due to a break of our internal Information Security Policy (ISP). This policy has two important applications. The most well known is against leaks, but it also specifies how and where information we have can and cannot be used by staff members.

After the initial kick, members from a some groups in the community started a protest against our actions, including avatars, streams and spam. These have been dealt with accordingly as was seen best at the time. Unfortunately, information regarding how it was handled was leaked and put out of context. We have tried to work with and listen to the complaints as much as possible, trying to show respect and full attention. However, it did not take long before we were no longer met with respect, and the situation escalated out of control, including members of the community groups starting to troll on our and other communities related to TruckersMP.

It's important to note that we do not want to be in a situation like this. Having to replace an upper staff member at short notice is never beneficial, but in this case it was necessary, and it was a situation we were in.

During this situation, there have been various accusations, such as claims that we are trying to destroy the Polish community. We are not trying to make this happen. We went into the situation set on assigning a new Polish community manager, who could continue the work with the Polish community. However, due to several Polish team members choosing to leave, and others choosing to violate the ISP in protest, we now have to evaluate whether we can still support the Polish community like we have been doing since the start of the mod, or if we will have to lower the level of support to the same as the other language-specific communities.
We regret that we have to make this evaluation, and potentially this decision, but if we are unable to provide proper support then we are forced to do so.

TruckersMP has a major responsibility - Not just for the mod itself, but because of the data people have entrusted us with, from email addresses, to appeals, to in game chat logs, and more. This responsibility means we have to be strict about our Information Security Policy, and that we can control where that data is. While we don't believe any user data has been leaked during this, we cannot risk a leak like that in the future.

We as a team want to thank each and every one of you who showed respect and worked with us to try find the best possible solution, even if the solution now might end up being an unfortunate one for some of the language communities. Now we will evaluate our response to the situation that occurred after the kick, and how we can deal with it better in the future.

Public Convoy 25th February 2018

24 Feb 12:11

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce the next Public Convoy will be held tomorrow, Sunday 25th February at 18:00 UTC on American Truck Simulator!

Here is a tool to help with the time conversion:

The convoy will be open to everyone, and includes convoy control to guide the convoy and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control team are exempt from some traffic rules. Please note if heavy trailers cause gaps in the convoy, you may be teleported or kicked from the server to keep the convoy flowing.


Happy Trucking!

CC Team:

Twitch Stream:

DLC: Arizona (Free)

-TruckersMP Team

Simulation and /Fix

17 Feb 21:53

Hello everyone,

A while ago we asked for your opinion on the /fix command. As we have stated afterwards, only a handful of our average monthly players voted on the poll meaning we didn’t get an ultimate clear view on how you want it command to work.

This resulted in the situation to remain the same. However, after hearing all the voices of the people that voted on the poll, reading reactions on our Facebook page and our official international group and having conversations with individual players, we decided to review it again with great care and we concluded that we had to push one more change to cater those that want to push simulation to another level.

We disabled the /fix command entirely on our simulation servers. Servers that have the speed limiter enabled are being considered as a simulation server, so those who request an event server with the speed limiter enabled will not have this command available.

While this change might bring hope to some of our players, we have no plans to push any other changes in regards to this command at this moment.

Happy trucking!

-TruckersMP Team

TruckersMP Real Operations V3

02 Feb 18:10

Banner: TruckersMP Real Ops 11th of feb 18:00 UTC, and map

Hello everyone,

On the 11th of February at 18:00UTC we will be having our third Real Operations event, organized by our team. During this event, our staff team will be creating realistic events on the route shown above (Newcastle - Aberdeen | and the return!).

You can see the time in your local time at, here.

Realistic events as custom roadworks, police/border controls, fake accidents and a lot of police force showing on the route. Make sure you behave, or you might get pulled over! These random events will be created by our staff team and by our staff team only, no player interference. During this event, there will be no convoy leader. You could drive alone, or drive with a bunch of friends on the planned route while experiencing a higher level of realism caused by our staff team. You can take a break easily, or drive non-stop to Aberdeen, and why don't you do the return as well in one go? It is up to you! The approximate end time is 2 to 3 hours later, it depends on how much staff there is left and how many players are still driving.

This event will on a dedicated event server and will be streamed on our twitch channel


TruckersMP Team

TruckersMP Community Contributor program

29 Jan 22:05

Hello truckers

Today marks another day in the history books of TruckersMP.

Some of you have already been asking if it would be possible to feature their YouTube or Twitch channel on 1 or more of our platforms. We also find that those who put in that something extra and dedicate themselves every day to create good quality content or just to help people around on the forum, Facebook, Twitter... deserve recognition. That's why we've put together a program for those among you that work continuously to make this community a better place: the Community Contributors.

Contri what?

These are dedicated players that enrich our community in a meaningful way. Be it streaming on, creating YouTube videos, running contests or even just being helpful around the forums, our contributors make our community a better and more exciting place.


Must have a genuine interest in the TruckersMP mod. Contributor must behave and create content in compliance with our Terms of Service, Official Rules. Contributor's content must have the potential to reach and influence the audience (in other words, Contributor must produce quality content). Contributor must have a genuine interest in helping us build a healthy community around our mod by sharing constructive feedback. Contributor must be actively involved in at least 1 community oriented channel such as Forums, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, modding. Contributor must be an active member of the community for at least 1 year. Contributor must have a good and positive standing within the community. Contributor can't be a member of TruckersMP staff.

What do they get out of it?

Amongst other benefits they will have a rank on the forum (similar to veteran ranks) and discord. Their respective work will also be featured on our different platforms and they will have opportunities to have collaborations with the TruckersMP team with regards to their content.

How can you become a Community Contributor?

Currently you can only become a contributor by recommendation from 1 of our team members, but in a later stage we will work on a way to sign up and then be evaluated before a possible admission.

Are Community Contributors a member of the TruckersMP staff?

No, they are members of the community that have deserved the right for special recognition by being constantly involved.

Who are they?

The list of the very first Contributors will be announced soon.

Regards, TruckersMP team

Public Convoy 28th January 2018

25 Jan 18:26

Hello everyone!

We hope that your new year is off to a fantastic start, we are here to announce our first Public Convoy for 2018! This event will be held on Sunday January 28th at 18:00 UTC on Euro Truck Simulator 2. This time, we will be driving in the Italia DLC! Here is a tool to help with the time conversion:

The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Another note: If heavy cargo trailers cause gaps in the convoy, you may be kicked from the server.

Here is a poster with a bit of information regarding the event along with the convoy route:


We hope you enjoy,

-TruckersMP Team

2 Million Users reached!

21 Jan 20:10

Dear truckers,

On June the 29th in 2016 we announced TruckersMP hit 1 million users. It's truly amazing, but today we've hit the major milestone of 2 million registered users. We would like to thank you for joining this adventure and we are hoping you are enjoying your stay. We can't wait to see what the future will bring and we hope you do so too. Without you, this would not have been possible.

From the whole team, we wish you happy trucking and onto the 3 million we go!

Regards, TruckersMP Team

Cast your vote for the /fix command

13 Jan 20:50

Due to feedback, we have decided to create a way to provide user feedback through in game voting via chat. Our first vote will be for various options surrounding the /fix command that people have grown to either love or hate.

To get instructions / to vote; please launch truckersmp and once logged into a sever type /vote for instructions.

To view results of the vote live you can visit The votes will be open until 23:59:59 UTC the 23rd of January.


We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

11 Jan 14:14

So, we've messed up. It's pretty obvious that while we have good intentions, we have listened to far too few players far too much in the /fix situation. We have read your feedback. And we are sorry. We want to improve, and we want to fix this.

It might seen like an obvious thing to say, but we want you truckers to have an awesome experience, but sometimes we misjudge and don't really know what you want. Those who want something tends to shout louder than those who are happy with how things are.

Here is how we plan to work on this:

  • We are going to run a poll.
  • Every user will be able to vote on this, and you will be able to see the results in real time.
  • You will be given multiple questions, and options.
  • The poll will be released closer to this weekend, and you will have a couple of weeks to vote.
  • The exact start and end times will be announced together with the poll.

The exact poll options are not done yet, and we are open for input.

Thanks for telling us when we are wrong.

  • The entire TruckersMP team

Announcement on the No Damage Mod & Hacking - And a new solution

07 Jan 22:15

UPDATE (2018-01-11 12:05 UTC):
The /fix command has been updated. It now has a 10 minute cooldown (both from last time you used it and from when you logged in). It also requires you to have a trailer, but will no longer fix the trailer.

UPDATE (2018-01-09 22:45 UTC):
An update for ETS2 has been released! With the new /fix command fixing your truck and trailer in game, you have a solution to some of your problems! This means lags, bugs, and even ramming and trolls should be less of an incovenience, instead of ruining gameplay experience. Note that this will not work for World of Trucks jobs, as SCS stores and manages damage on their servers during these jobs.


You may recollect we recently updated our rules and included updates about Hacking and Cheating. Along with this, we have also become more strict on the matter.

For some reason, hacks have become a standard lately and this is detrimental for our online community. We don't want our players to use tools to cheat the game in any way, and this includes the no damage mod.

Therefore, we are taking a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to Hacking and Cheating on TruckersMP. With a recent rule change, Hacking is now an instant permanent ban, just like the stance with many other popular online games.

Not allowed:

  • Damage Modification ("No Damage" Hacks)
  • Always-on NCZ ("No Collision" Hacks)
  • Speed Modification ("Speed Hacks" / Time Scaling)


  • Money Modifications (Via Memory or savefile)
  • Exp Modifications for jobs (Via Memory or savefile)
  • Truck Modifications as specified in the rules (Via Memory or savefile)

If allowing mods or hacks to be used we feel this won't work for the community. And we want TruckersMP to be fun for everyone, not just the Hackers and Cheaters.

Kind Regards, TruckersMP