14 Dec 15:37

Dear truckers,

During the upcoming holidays, our staff is excluded from their activity requirements to spend some time outside TruckersMP. Activity will temporarily decrease from the 23rd of December until the 2nd of January, this may cause reports and tickets to be delayed. After the 2nd of January everything will settle back to normal and your reports/tickets will be handled at the current rate.

From the TruckersMP team, we wish you happy holidays and of course some safe trucking in the bare conditions outside!


TruckersMP Team

Rule Update

12 Dec 15:07

Hello truckers!

As of today, we have changed the way we show our rules. We added our forum rules and some rules that apply to all our services. Apart from adding the forum rules, we listened to the feedback some of you sent us. As a result of that, we did some minor changes on select rules to make them better as some were a bit indistinct.

Make sure you have a good read at the new rules, we really don't want you to break them. If you do have feedback about our new rules, please send it in to our feedback as we love to hear from you.

Happy trucking,

TruckersMP Team

Community Success Stories Part 6 - RomaniaElit Intercontinental Convoy

08 Dec 23:13

Dear Players!

Welcome to the Sixth edition of TruckersMP Community Success Stories, where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories.


RomaniaElit - Intercontinental Convoy

The TruckersMP community host events everyday in many creative ways. However, recently one particular event stood out to us for it's uniqueness, by inviting multiple Virtual Trucking Companies (VTC's) from countries such as; Bangladesh, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Brazil, Poland, Singapore and China.

Previously featured in Part Four of Community Success Stories, VTC 'RomaniaElit' organised another convoy on 18th November 2017, inviting companies from all around the world. A total of 280 driver's came together to partake in one big convoy, and due to the wide range of time zones some driver's were participating at 3:00 AM in their local time. TruckersMP Staff member Sgt Salt says the convoy was a success and the event has allowed companies from all around the world to make friends with companies they never heard of on the other side of the globe. Convoy's like this will continue in the future, he added.

A special thanks goes out to all of the participating companies: H&V Logistyka Polska, Legend Truckers Bangladesh, GROFR, RusTK, VTC Integra, Durmazalar Logistics, Fast Cargo, Tnt Logistica, Balkan Trans, ZZ-TRANS, EUROTRANS, Nizam Logistics, Sud America TES - Transport Europe Scandinavie, and M & Ć Transport.

I am sure you will all agree that this event certainly captures the strength of our community! You can take a look at the whole event, captured by one of the participants in the video link below.



Stay tuned for Part Seven of Community Success Stories.

TruckersMP Real Operations V2

05 Dec 20:58

Hello truckers!

On the 9th of December we're introducing Real Operations again, organized by our team. During this event, our staff team will be creating realistic events on the route shown above (Salzburg- Strasbourg | and the return!).

Realistic events as custom roadworks, police/border controls, fake accidents and a lot of police force showing on the route. Make sure you behave, or you might get pulled over! ;-) These random events will be created by our staff team and by our staff team only, no player interference. During this event, there will be no convoy leader. You could drive alone, or drive with a bunch of friends on the planned route while experiencing a higher level of realism caused by our staff team. You can take a break easily, or drive non-stop to Strasbourg, and why don't you do the return aswell in one go? It is up to you!

This time we've listened to your feedback from the previous Real Ops event, we've taken a shorter route, are making sure you can drive the other way aswell and we've planned the custom events beforehand. We are aiming at making it a succes, and we hope you do too. The approximate end time is 2 to 3 hours later, it depends on how much staff there is left and how many players are still driving.

Here is a larger version of the route:


This event will on a dedicated event server and will be streamed on


TruckersMP Team

Christmas Convoy - The Polar Express: 17th of December 2017

04 Dec 17:59

Hi everyone,


On Sunday December 17th at 09:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC we will be having a public convoy on Euro Truck Simulator 2. This is going to be our Christmas Convoy for 2017, it will be a total of 12 hours long!

We ask you to please sign up for this event on this website, it will show you all the information about the convoy itself:

The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Please arrive with a truck+trailer, only Convoy Control will be permitted to use cars.

Since there are a total of 5 routes, we decided to make an Imgur album of all of the routes. The estimated time per route is about 2 hours with a roughly 30 minute break between. They can be found here:

Timezone Conversion:

We hope you enjoy,

-TruckersMP Team

Community Success Stories Part 5 - TruckersMP Community Radios (3/3)

30 Nov 23:45

Dear Players!

Welcome to the fifth edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories.


Simulator Radio

Simulator Radio was created by a group of players from forums which is unfortunately no longer active. Rick, the forum-goer with the initial idea, quickly recruited Mini, along with ETS2MP members Clare, Alex, and Mark. As the station grew Crumbs came on to provide graphics for the official website and took up the reigns as head of the virtual trucking company (VTC).

Originating from Euro Truck Simulator 2 when it was known as Euro Truck Radio (ETR). As the radio grew and with the later release of American Truck Simulator in February 2016 the radio rebranded to become Truck Sim Radio (TSR). Then finally changed to Simulator Radio (SR) for the release of Farming Simulator 17 which they are known as today. As an alternative, they are still recognised as TSR because of their long-term partnership with a VTC which shares the same name but have continued using the acronym TSRVTC which stands for The Simulator Radio VTC.

The radio and VTC have hosted many events together over the years some noticeable ones such as 100-hour convoy in October 2015 to raise money for the BBC Children in Need fund and successfully made over £1000. Then again on November 2016 raised another £456.00 and with Children in Need 2017 currently in the planning, we would like to share the date that this will be happening. CiN 2017 took place on the 17th November 2017.

Front page image by Nameless_Ghoul


Radio Facebook:

VTC Facebook:


Upper Staff Changes

27 Nov 17:20

Dear Players!

Over the past months, we've been evaluating the team as a whole and the different departments within the team. As a result, we have been making some changes to the structure of our team and it's one of the biggest restructures in a long time! You may, or may not have noticed that a couple of new ranks have appeared, as well as some ranks disappearing.

Renaming of the roles.
To make a uniform upper staff, some of the current roles have been renamed to match with the others. Additionally, we will move the moderation team leader and media team leader to the community manager section in the structure, resulting in the following name changes. Both team leaders involved will still be doing what they've been doing before, so not that much is changing for you. Forum Moderation Team Leader => Forum Manager Media Team Leader => Media Manager Support Team Leader => Support Manager The in-game administrator role has also been renamed to "Game Moderator" to be in line with the forum equivalent.

Introduction of Game Manager.
As part of our strategy to move forward with TruckersMP, we introduced a new rank called "Game Manager". This new rank will be responsible for everything related to Game Moderators and game rules. They are taking over the game tasks from the project manager role. To make the most out of this role, we selected 2 staff members that will be our new game managers. From now on,  Chris - TFM and Trucking Australia will switch from Community Manager to this new role. The role involves managing Game Moderators, game rules, event server requests, special event rules, ...

A Project Manager's tale: to the future!
Our current Project Manager Clarkinator has decided to step down from his duties in a few weeks, and will be leaving the TruckersMP team. we'd like to thank him for everything he has done, and wishes him the best of luck in his new adventures! With the introduction of the Game Manager rank mentioned above, we can shift the focus and duties of the project manager role to the project itself. This means that the project manager will fully focus on the mod, it's future and the TruckersMP team.

Overview of new team structure.
Team Structure

There have been some minor internal changes as well, but the ones above are the ones you should know about. We hope that these changes will make a massive impact to the community.

Thanks for your continued support!

A few Random Statistics

22 Nov 17:08

So, we're coming close to yet another new years (yes, it's still too early for fireworks), so let's have a look at some fun statistics from TruckersMP and the game servers.

How many registered users do we have? Well, as of speaking (writing this) that number would be 1 790 245. But that is a huge number, and it's hard to get a feeling for how much it actually is, so for comparison, let's look at cities. According to Wikipedia's List of European Cities we now have more players than Budapest (Hungary) has citizens! Overtaking Vienna (Austria) next then?

However, this raises another question. Just how many players are active? Well, we can find that as well! Over a 30 day period in October and November (21.10.17 - 21.11.17) we had 319 255 unique players logging in. That is equal to about half the population of Oslo, or just about 10 000 less than the entire population of Iceland! All of these, spread out across our (currently) 9 game servers and event servers.

So, what has this community produced? Well, let's start right here on the forum, where 593 094 posts have been made by 30 818 forum users, and 136 134 users have registered on the forum in total since it was opened in October 2014. If your annual income (in USD) was equal to the total number of posts, that would mean you would be pretty wealthy. In fact, you'd be in the top 1% (and then some) in the United States of America, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Additionally, the member with most reputation on the forum (based on votes on their posts and statuses) as well as most content (posts + status updates), is Kravatie, with a reputation of 5538 and a content count of 8875.

Let's not forget all of the things produced outside of our forums. Let's not forget the radio stations, hundreds of Virtual Trucking Companies, or the countless developers in the community who are all working to help make TruckersMP great, and all help in bringing new players to join our community, as well as our public Discord guild which has reached 5 400 members.

Now, let's have a look at where our users are. In the 30 day period in October and November (21.10.17 - 21.11.17) the following % of active unique users logged in from:

  • 79.78% (or 283 116) from Europe.
  • 7% (or 24 826) from Asia.
  • 6.65% (or 23 588) from South America.
  • 5.86% (or 20 786) from North America.
  • 0.52% (or 1 848) from Oceania.
  • 0.2% (or 695) from Africa.

But running a large community has it's issues. Throughout the lifetime of TruckersMP, users have submitted 315 717 web reports against other players. 185 225 reports have been accepted, and 125 879 have been rejected, the rest are awaiting a response. This has lead to 102 428 ban appeals (not counting appeals via forum, before website appeals were available) regarding 87 914 bans. 18 607 appeals have been accepted, 74 735 declined, and 8 193 have lead to bans being modified.

Let's look at the in game chat. More specifically, how many times have certain words and phrases been mentioned in the October-November period (21.10.17 - 21.11.17)?

  • "Car": 12 236 times.
  • "Truck": 23 894 times (Looks like trucks are superior to cars).
  • "Trailer": 12 986 times.
  • "Discord": 28 954 times.
  • "Skype": 4 967 times (Confirmed, Discord > Skype. At least in chat).
  • "Calais": 15 296 times.
  • "Duisburg": 9 684 times.
  • "Noot": 413 times (we blame our staff member Penguin).

Thanks to all the 1,7 million users who have made TruckersMP into what it is today. Thanks to everyone who has decided to contribute to the community.
And thanks to all of our staff members, all 115 of you. The 18 moderators, and their leader. The 26 support staff, and their leader. The 11 media team members and their leader. The 43 in game admins, 5 trial admins, and their 6 leaders. And last but not least, the 6 community managers, 2 project managers, and 6 developers. All of them spend their free time working hard, so that TruckersMP can continue to exist.

If you're interested in seeing more statistics, let us know. You can also come with ideas for other stats to show.

Front page image by HerrSwizz.

Public Convoy 26th November 2017

19 Nov 15:31

Hi everyone,

On Sunday November 26th at 18:00 - 20:30 UTC we will be having a public convoy on American Truck Simulator. This time, we will be driving in the New Mexico DLC! Here is a tool to help with the time conversion:

The convoy will be open to everyone, There will be convoy control participating, who will guide and make sure nobody gets lost during the event. As the convoy takes place on a dedicated server, the convoy control are allowed to block other roads. Another note: Please do not arrive with heavy cargo trailers.

We will be starting off at the the rest station on Route 40 just south of Albuquerque as you can see on the route map below. Please arrive with a truck+trailer, Scout cars will only be allowed to be driven by administration and convoy control.

Planned convoy Route:


This event will be streamed on

We hope you enjoy,

-TruckersMP Team

TruckersMP T-Shirts are coming back!

17 Nov 20:38

Hi guys,

We have decided to release a limited run of TruckersMP branded Tshirts, hoodies and mugs through TeeSpring and these can be found here:

We have decided to bring back the TruckersMP T-Shirts, hoodies and mugs for a limited time in order to get them before Christmas. I hope you enjoy. Check out for the link.

This offer is limited to 16 days and will expire on Sunday the 3rd of December at 11:59PM BST so get them while you can!

All items come in Black and Blue, although blues may vary.

Now, before this is all said and done, there's also another announcement that I'm making on my Twitch Stream tonight at at 6:30PM AEST - 9PM AEST. This stream is my normal TruckersMP Admin Troll Patrol so please ensure you're tuned in for that.


T-Shirt: €20

Hoodie: €30

Mug: €11

alt text alt text alt text alt text