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A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company and is the best way to fit into the community.
VTCs are groups of people who drive together here on TruckersMP!
Within VTCs, you can participate in events together

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Bei uns gibt's keine Probezeit! Warum?

Die Erklärung, warum wir darauf verzichten:

18 Aug 17:55 UTC   |   [RSL] Reamonn   |   Reamonn Spedition und Lagerung GmbH & Co. KG


RK VTC DLC Reference Provisions

21 Aug 03:21 UTC   |   China-leitinG   |   RK VTC

RLC Convoy | 20th August 2019

ETS2 | Florence - Olbia | Click to see all the details.

17 Aug 19:14 UTC   |   [RLC EM] Chillpadde   |   Red Line Cargo

Alımlarımız Aynı Hızında Devam Etmektedir...

Detaylı Bilgi İçin Tıklayınız...

17 Aug 12:19 UTC   |   [GökBörü] Berk   |   GökBörü™

Открытый конвой ВТК "Интегра" 18.08.2019 (АTS)

Добро пожаловать на открытый конвой!

17 Aug 18:36 UTC   |   [Интегра] stasmaster[RU]   |   ВТК Интегра

Открытый конвой ВТК "Интегра" (ETS 2)

Добро пожаловать на открытый конвой от ВТК Интегра.

16 Aug 11:22 UTC   |   [Интегра] stasmaster[RU]   |   ВТК Интегра

Euro Heavy Haulage | Recruitment Opened

Thank you for your patience, EHHVTC has now re-opened its doors to the public!

15 Aug 21:02 UTC   |   EHHVTC I EM I Charlie   |   Euro Heavy Haulage


8.2zhenxin VTC 5th Anniversary of Intermodal Transport-------Intermodal Mark Cup

15 Aug 11:12 UTC   |   China-leitinG   |   RK VTC

RLC Convoy | 17th August 2019

ETS2 | Turin - Frankfurt | Click to see all the details.

14 Aug 19:31 UTC   |   [RLC EM] Chillpadde   |   Red Line Cargo

RLC Convoy | 14th August 2019

ATS | Grand Coulee - Everett | Click to see all the details.

13 Aug 19:34 UTC   |   [RLC EM] Chillpadde   |   Red Line Cargo


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Virtual Trucking Companies are groups of people who join in and create convoys, explore the map, haul loads together!

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