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Virtual Trucking Company

A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company and is the best way to fit into the community.
VTCs are groups of people who drive together here on TruckersMP!
Within VTCs, you can participate in events together

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Welcome to our new members

this summary is to welcome and congragulate our newest members and directors

Today, 21:29 UTC   |   Wikidlord   |   Brother & Sisterhood Trucking Inc

✍Ausencia en la empresa✍

Como cualquier ser humano, tenemos cosas importantes y prioritarias en la vida. Yo, Iván, tengo estudios importantes a diario, y eso influye muchísimo en mis horarios, lo que provoca ausencias de vez en cuando si se habla de asistencia en convoyes, o leer mensajes. ¿Cómo justifico mi ausencia? Te lo explico en este posteo!

Today, 19:44 UTC   |   [L.S] - IvoTrucking   |   Logística Salto

14:08:2020 Tarihli Konvoyumuzdan Görüntüler

Detaylı bilgi için başlığa tıklayınız...

Today, 18:57 UTC   |   касирк   |   AkTürk Logistics

⛽️14 Ağustos 2020 | Payrac Gang Etkinlik Konvoyu⛽️

Detaylar İçin Tıklayınız.

Today, 17:21 UTC   |   Berkay Ikızoglu   |   `Tayfa Team

14.08.2020 ALLIANCE Virtual ile olan konvoy bilgileri

Convoy information with ALLIANCE Virtual VTC on 14.08.2020

Today, 16:46 UTC   |   [TürkYıldızı] CelebiWorks   |   Türk Yıldızı Lojistik

08.14 COS远洋国际认证车队友谊北欧联运活动

08.14 COS International Certification team friendship Nordic intermodal activities

Today, 15:20 UTC   |   XueTu_*CIO*JingKang   |   Xuetu VTC

🚛 14 Ağustos 2020 | GökBörü™ ATS Konvoyu 🚛

Detaylı Bilgi İçin Tıklayınız...

Today, 14:38 UTC   |   [GökBörü] "Berk"   |   ̧ ̷ ͞ // GökBörü™

2020.8.14 China Tianyang Motorcade private Transport Activities


Today, 13:37 UTC   |   TY-VTC*888*Zhong Jie   |   TianYang VTC 中国天阳车队

come join our great community brothersisterhoodinc

Hello everyone My name is Tommy and I am part of the BST media team [media director]. I look forward to streaming on twitch and love what I do for the BST company. Our company is made of up over 102 members and we look forward to providing quality streams for everyone to enjoy!

Today, 13:16 UTC   |   [BST INC]TOMMY   |   Brother & Sisterhood Trucking Inc

2*Edição comboio da madrugada ets2

Hoje 14/08 iremos realizar a 2*edição do comboio da madrugada no ets2.

Today, 12:56 UTC   |   Goiano BR   |   GROFR - Grupo Os Feras da Rodagem


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