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Steam API issues and ATS update

Steam API is currently reporting outdated information to our servers, therefore some users can't register in TruckersMP. There is nothing we can do since it is not a problem on our side. If you experience that, please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are also aware of the recent ATS game update and that it is not compatible with the mod. Our devs are working to get the mod compatible again as soon as possible. To downgrade your game and play ATS click here. ETS2 is still working!

Virtual Trucking Company

A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company and is the best way to fit into the community.
VTCs are groups of people who drive together here on TruckersMP!
Within VTCs, you can participate in events together

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RESCHEDULED: 600 Member Convoy & Official Statement on TruckersMP

We have been forced to re-schedule our 600 Member Convoy - The new date is 30th November. Please click to read the following official statement on TruckersMP forcing us to reschedule our 600 Member Convoy.

13 Nov 21:11 UTC   |   Penguin   |   Plasma Trucking

Viva Trucking Mobile App

We at Viva are happy to announce that the Viva Trucking App is now out on the App Store and Play Store!!! A link to these apps will be available down below. Special shoutout to [VIVA] Scvtt for working countless hours to make this app a reality. Also special thanks to [VIVΛ] Partydoos for creating the Viva app preview video shown below. We hope you enjoy this new app 🥳

11 Nov 06:04 UTC   |   [VIVA] Quad   |   Viva Trucking

09 November 2019 | Partnership Convoy w/ VIVA, Fast Cargo, LFS and GROFR

We were happy to truck with our partners, on that unforgettable Saturday.

11 Nov 05:50 UTC   |   [Chenxi/227]*Edmund   |   Chenxi VTC

Public Convoy of Chinese Truckers Alliance No.16 Event

Some review of the event with photos

10 Nov 18:11 UTC   |   [Chenxi/227]*Edmund   |   Chenxi VTC

TruckersCHN No.16 Event


10 Nov 10:53 UTC   |   China-leitinG   |   RK VTC

Unsere 10 besten Fahrer aus dem Monat Oktober 2019

Unsere 10 besten Fahrer aus dem Monat Oktober 2019

10 Nov 05:57 UTC   |   Boti2502 [GER]   |   Chris Maximus Logistik

🔴 RLC Convoy | 9th November 2019 🔴

ETS2 | Prague - Erfurt | Click to see all the details.

08 Nov 15:16 UTC   |   [RLC EM] Chillpadde   |   Red Line Cargo

Pries Logistics Private Convoy | 7 Nov 2019

Screenshots From Our Private Convoy

08 Nov 06:29 UTC   |   •Nika•   |   Pries Logistics

Pries Logistics Private Convoy | 5 Nov 2019

Screenshots from our Private Convoy

08 Nov 13:24 UTC   |   •Nika•   |   Pries Logistics

Upcoming Convoy on 9/11/2019

Our latest information on the convoy holding on 9th November at ETS2 and 10th November at ATS.

11 Nov 06:38 UTC   |   Crestune~   |   Spark Logistics


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