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Steam API is currently reporting outdated information to our servers, therefore some users can not register in TruckersMP. As the issue is out of our reach, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to resolve the problem.

If you experience that, please try again later. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Xariel Twitch Partner, Youtuber, Content Creator & Modder

Twitch Partner making convoys every day with 40-50 players, broadcasting events like Hidding Roads, Infernal Tours, Traffic Simulation, Mega Convoys, etc. I also have tutorials on Youtube, Mods for Single & Online, Discord with 2000 Spanish ETS2 Truckers.

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Trucky The Virtual Trucker Companion app

Trucky is Mobile app, Discord and Twitch bots, in-game Overlay. Your truly best companion for TruckersMP: check servers status, follow your friends online, live map, traffic info, Waze-like reports. Level up your TruckersMP experience today!

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Toast Videos about simulator games

I am a content video maker on YouTube. On my channel you can find everything about SCS games and other simulator games

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NeofoxTTV Community First.

Greetings! I'm currently a full time Content Creator on Twitch. Streaming exclusively TMP, 6 nights a week! I often host OPEN convoys every night I'm live for all to join! I LOVE meeting and trucking with others from the community! Come join sometime!

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OnurOzgunay Full time broadcaster focusing on simulation title

I am a content creator on Twitch. I love interacting, connecting, and networking with people who love video games just as much as I do. Mainly playing ETS2 and ATS on TruckersMP. Don't forget to say hi and join my stream.

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Sgt. Pepper 🎶 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band! 🎶

Hi, I am Sgt. Pepper. I am from Canada, I stream full time on!

I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 on TruckersMP every SUNDAY! Come on over and join us for a trip; we do all kinds of events and random trucking through the map. Everyone is welcome.

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TheNorthernAlex Simulation lives here

Hi I am Alex a certified YouTube Creator and Twitch Partner from Canada. I create relaxing content centered around Simulators, have been with TruckersMP since release day and enjoy it still as much as I did back then.

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Darwen Youtuber, Content Creator

Greetings! I am a certified content creator on YouTube. I create ETS 2 Funny Moments videos per week! Come watch them!

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Who are Community Contributors?

Community Contributors users who put in extra effort. This being through; streaming, helping on the forums, creating mods, you name it!

You can find more details in this Knowledge Base article.