🍃 Autumn has arrived 🍂

With the Summer coming to an end, we now move into Autumn.

We now support the 'Early Autumn Mod' on all of our servers!

For more information: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1393

OnurOzgunay Full time broadcaster focusing on simulation title

I am a content creator on Twitch. I love interacting, connecting, and networking with people who love video games just as much as I do. Mainly playing ETS2 and ATS on TruckersMP. Don't forget to say hi and join my stream.

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Darwen Youtuber, Content Creator

Greetings! I am a certified content creator on YouTube. I create ETS 2 Funny Moments videos per week! Come watch them!

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NeofoxTTV Community First.

Greetings! I'm currently a full time Content Creator on Twitch. Streaming exclusively TMP, 6 nights a week! I often host OPEN convoys every night I'm live for all to join! I LOVE meeting and trucking with others from the community! Come join sometime!

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TheNorthernAlex Simulation lives here

Hi I am Alex a certified YouTube Creator and Twitch Partner from Canada. I create relaxing content centered around Simulators, have been with TruckersMP since release day and enjoy it still as much as I did back then.

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Sgt. Pepper 🎶 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band! 🎶

Hi, I am Sgt. Pepper. I am from Canada, I stream full time on twitch.tv!

I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 on TruckersMP every SUNDAY! Come on over and join us for a trip; we do all kinds of events and random trucking through the map. Everyone is welcome.

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Xariel Twitch Partner, Youtuber, Content Creator & Modder

Twitch Partner making convoys every day with 40-50 players, broadcasting events like Hidding Roads, Infernal Tours, Traffic Simulation, Mega Convoys, etc. I also have tutorials on Youtube, Mods for Single & Online, Discord with 2000 Spanish ETS2 Truckers.

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ItsRedPotato Twitch Streamer

Heya! I'm a full time streamer on Twitch. I play on the TMP Servers all 7 Days of the week. I have been part of the TruckersMP Community since mid 2016. If you see me on the road or on Twitch do not hesitate to come by and say hi:)!

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Trucky The Virtual Trucker Companion app

Trucky is Mobile app, Discord and Twitch bots, in-game Overlay. Your truly best companion for TruckersMP: check servers status, follow your friends online, live map, traffic info, Waze-like reports. Level up your TruckersMP experience today!

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Toast Videos about simulator games

I am a content video maker on YouTube. On my channel you can find everything about SCS games and other simulator games

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EarthToJess_ Twitch Streamer

Hey there! My name is Jess and I stream for a welcoming community over on my Twitch. I stream 5 days a week and I have been apart of TruckersMP for 5 years! Don't hesitate to say hey if you see me in game, you're always welcome to come for a drive! <3

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Jenko90 Twitch Streamer

Herro, My Name is Jenko,

I've been playing ETS2 since 2014! You can find me on Promods or Sim1, usually in Kirkenes or driving down the C-D road. Inclusion is important to me, so everyone is welcome to come along for a drive!

Come over and say Hi 👋

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Who are Community Contributors?

Community Contributors users who put in extra effort. This being through; streaming, helping on the forums, creating mods, you name it!

You can find more details in this Knowledge Base article.