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Dear Players,

Since the beginning of time, the Forum Moderation team has been all about making sure the TruckersMP forums are kept clean and that any content which is posted follows our forum rules. Since I became the Manager of the Forum Moderators, I have been changing the direction of the team to focus more on interacting with the community. This brings us to what I am announcing here today. After some discussions between our staff, we have decided to create a new team - the Community Moderators Team (CMT). Below, I have set out some questions relating to this rank. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

A new team?
Well, not really, but kind of. The idea is to create a new team but place Forum, Language and Discord Moderators all under this one title. This means Forum Moderators and Discord Moderators will be somewhat disappearing, however will exist under this new title.

What exactly is happening?
As mentioned above, Forum, Language and Discord Moderators will all merge into the above-mentioned single rank, so there will not be three teams anymore.

Well, honestly? It is going to make these three teams work more efficiently. Currently, I manage both the forum and discord team in the same ways, so it makes sense to merge them, right? Well, yes it does. This will also allow the teams to communicate with each other much easier.

What does this mean for those already in the respective teams?
Those who are already in these teams will be able to stay with exactly what they are already doing, however, they may also get the choice to do something extra or even change up their role to find something new to do. Discord Moderators will be able to move to Forum Moderation and vice versa.

What benefits does such a structure have compared to the old one?

  • It is mostly about managing the team more efficiently, it is the same type of work, both managed by the same person in the same way.
  • Enables recruitment based on needs for both Discord and Forum, under the same roof.
  • Allows an easy transfer when you want to try something new.
  • Makes use of the teams' language skills more efficiently. All team members will be expected to help one another, even if it is not your role.
  • Support/Game Moderator members will be able to help with language needs. We will no longer be accepting Game Moderators as both GM and Discord Mod unless there is a special circumstance where it is needed/approved. All current Game Moderators that are also Discord Moderators will stay as such.

How will the recruitment work?
The recruitment section for Forum Moderators will be named "Moderators". This will cover the whole Community Moderator team. There will be questions regarding what experience and what the player's preference as to whether they wish to be Forum Moderator or Discord Moderator should they get accepted.

Will those who are "Discord Moderator" be able to transfer to Game Moderator?
Yes. The Community Moderator Team should be seen the same way the Forum Mod team was.

Who will lead this team?
As mentioned above, I (@ChrisPatrol) am going to lead this team.

But, you are the Forum Mod Leader?
Yes, however, that will be renamed to "Community Moderator Manager" (CMM) to fit along with "Community Moderators Team" (CMT)

I am a community member, what are the requirements to join the team to help with Discord?

  • You must have your Discord account linked to your TruckersMP profile;
  • You must have a Forum Account (No post content count requirement);
  • You must be active on the Discord at least every couple of days, for the last 2-4 weeks;
  • You must have very little warnings on Discord and Forums;
  • You must have no bans in the last 6 months.

Do the requirements to join in terms of moderating the forums change?
No. They will stay the same as in the previous Forum Moderator recruitment.

But wait, I have more questions!!!
Ask them below :)

Community Moderation & Community Manager.

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