Community Success Stories Part 8 - Trucky app

Created by Community Contributor dowmeister, Trucky was first released in April 2017 as a playground project for mobile app developing, Trucky is now in its 2nd version with more than 10k downloads on Android alone.

When it first released it featured some basic functionality such as TruckersMP servers status, events and meetups from, player search and a news list from SCS and TruckersMP RSS. Live map integration came later in May 2017. The first iOS release arrived in June 2017. Later down the road Steam authentication was added to allow the integration of the friends list. In September of that year live traffic information was added with collaboration from one of our in-house developers: Krashnz followed up by the addition of events listed on With the help of the community, the app is now available in 26 languages.

Being a learning project the code was still immature and it was time to start from scratch to apply all that was learnt and build a more solid app with more features.

In December 2017 a second version was published with a new look & feel, a new map that's no longer based on ets2map but a fully standalone one built with the help from people at Subsequent updates saw the addition of an integration with, a completely new section "My Profile" where users can view their own profile as well as those of their connected friends and lastly full support of customisable push notifications for news (both TruckersMP and SCS blog), TruckersMP releases, start times of events and online friends.

To facilitate translations a portal was created which pushes new versions directly to the app after they are published without the need of a new update of the app itself.

Currently the app is used in more than 100 countries worldwide with the most active countries being Germany, Poland, France, United States, Turkey, Brazil, the Netherlands, South Korea and the United Kingdom. It is used daily by hundreds of unique users and has on average over 70k screens each month (page views).

Alongside the app there is also a Discord bot (TruckyBot) that is installed on more than 600 Discord guilds serving over 94k users.

The large-scale collaboration and global impact that this project has on this community grants it a place in the impressive line-up of success stories.

All information about Trucky can be found here: