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So as you may be aware, the latest update that's soon to come out includes a car for everyone that they can buy from any truck dealership. You can get it in a number of colours and even a Pilot paintjob for regular use however, these cool new additions to the game don't come without some restrictions as new rules have also been added because of this.

New Rules:

Car with trailer - Kick/Ban

Cars are not allowed to pull trailers. It looks weird and can actually cause reckless driving.
Car Abuse of Pilot Paintjob - Kick/Ban

Acting as administration, or otherwise abusing the Pilot paintjob. Please note: We prefer only 2 Pilot cars per convoy depending on size.
Cars in Europort - Kick/Ban

The cars are not allowed in Europort as it is considered useless traffic. Exceptions: A part of a convoy or administrators. Please note: If you need to get from Europe to the UK, please travel via Calais, Amsterdam or fast travel.

Note: Players may be able to see the Police paintjob and addons for their vehicles however driving them with these paintjobs as a regular player results in an immediate and automatic kick from the server.

The cars are only available on the freeroam servers (without speed limiter), with the exception of in game administrators being able to drive the police car on all servers.

Now, enjoy the trailer that our amazing Media team made here:

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