Changes to the recruitment system

Hello fans of truck simulation!

You speak, we hear you.

During the survey and other points of contact such as the forum, feedback and social media we have received many remarks on team members having 1 or more bans. Those that have been here for a long time might remember that in the very beginning you couldn't have any bans if you wanted to join the team. That requirement was dropped because it's not fair to players who have made some stupid mistakes and because it also made recruiting new members increasingly more difficult. With that in mind the requirement was changed to not having a certain amount of bans within the last year. So now people who wanted to could join the team, even with a few minor bans to their name. However, this created other issues and new remarks and suggestions came to our attention from players and team members.

What now?

As part of a plan to improve the TruckersMP staff team and lift it to a higher level (by increasing our standards amongst other things), the management team have decided to set the maximum amount of bans you can have as a candidate to join to 3 bans all time. This includes all active and expired bans that have an end date older than 1 year (bans that have been deleted by management are not counted). To make it easier for team managers during the recruitment process the system will automatically block all applications in which a candidate has more than 3 bans. As a result a candidate will not be able to save his/her application if he/she has more than 3 bans registered.

I have been able to pass the ban check and saved my application, will my application automatically be accepted?

No, all applications are evaluated for the different requirements, as well as the nature of the bans.

What with existing TruckersMP team members that have more than 3 bans registered?

It is our philosophy that existing team members are not removed after being accepted when the minimum requirements are changed. Because of that they will remain as team members.

See you out there!

TruckersMP team



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