Restriction of Local save editing

Dear truckers,

With the last update of TruckersMP, we have restricted the use of some local save editing. The update has restricted the use of any major save editing changes to your vehicle that are done locally, however, smaller local modifications are still permitted. Local save editing that is not permitted will result in a kick from the server upon joining automatically.

In a more detailed description, custom mod parts which affect the physics of the vehicle, or the sound of the vehicle, will result in a kick. Custom "addon" parts such as steering wheels, light bars and similar are still permitted. This auto-kick applies to any save edited parts that include a "/home" prefix, not to default in-game parts.

There are many reasons as to why we have decided to disable the use of local mods. Some of which include the following:

  • We have noticed more frequent crashes on the users who have used "/home/" extension, and the people around them.
  • Being able to increase the horsepower of an engine potentially up to 1000hp.
  • Content Creators pretending to be administration

TruckersMP team



Community Manager