RomaniaElits International Convoy

Dear Players!

We are happy to share with you the success of RomaniaElit's international convoy! For the annivarsary of Romania's National day RomaniaElit took this day to organise a convoy to join many nations together in one big convoy from countries like France to Bangladesh. The convoy took place on December 1st 2018 at 6:30pm UTC.

The convoy has doubled in size, from 280 participants last year to over 700 participants this year which is amazing, and shows the powerful community we have here, at TruckersMP!
TruckersMP Staff member Sgt Salt mentioned that the convoy was even more of a success this year. The event opened up opportunities to companies from around the world to integrate and spend time together! He is grateful for TruckersMP for allowing such big communities to gather together. I hope that next year will be great too, he added. Another staff member has said that he is thankful for being able to help out during the event, seeing their past events, he knew it will be a great success. He met some amazing people too.

Special thanks goes to WhiteTiger_TMP and GagatheRibu for helping to organise the event and thanks to all the companies that took part.

We cannot deny that this event really proves the significance of our Community, and us over at TruckersMP hope to see such events in the future! The media below doesn't capture the great feeling of participating however you can watch it and see how good it was.




Thank you to them!

TruckersMP Team


Community Management