Renovated VTC Sections!

Greetings Truckers!

New year has started off with some great changes over at our Forums. We have decided to renovate one of the main sections, that being the Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) section.

Not only was this changed for the English section, but also sections such as, but not limited to Polish, German, Turkish, French and Russian. We try to encourage you to come over to our forum with your VTC posts, therefore we made sure less active sections such as Georgian, Danish, Ukrainian or Balkan had also been refurbished. New requirements, new perks and clean section! All of it has been achieved.

Are you part of a Virtual trucking company however have not yet decided to join us on the forum? Make sure you check out one of the 36 Langauge sections and get your company name out there! One of the perks is the ability to gain a 'VTC' rank over at our public Discord, Simply head over to #bot-commands and gain the access. Not only does that give you a fancy coloured rank, but also access to an exclusive channel and ability to chat with truckers from all around the world!

This is only one of the few things we have planned for this year, stay tuned!  #tmp2k19


Community Management