Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Results!


TruckersMP have celebrated Easter Sunday together with a huge Easter Egg Hunt event (https://truckersmp.com/blog/153), and I'm happy to say it was a great success! Hundreds of truckers took on the challenging hunt, however, we concluded with 85 total submissions. Some, unfortunately, were not valid and cannot be counted!

I'd like to thank every participant for taking their time to play in our Hunt, and congratulate everyone that completed it!

I am now pleased to announce the participants which successfully completed the Easter Egg Hunt 2019, in order of time are listed below.

Time format: [HH:MM:SS]


1st Place: (01:35:04) Blvckwidow - £25 Steam Gift Card

2nd Place: (01:38:37) Mario26734 - £14 Steam Gift Card

3rd Place: (01:49:33) creepergamingboy - £10 Steam Gift Card

Congratulations to Blvckwidow on becoming our winner for the Easter Egg Hunt 2019!

A huge shoutout to Mario26734 and creepergamingboy on getting second and third place.


Additionally, below are the remaining participants in the top 25!

4th (01:52:58) Jxkke

5th (02:02:00) Granite

6th (02:05:00) Vampire

7th (02:09:31) [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

8th (02:10:48) HellorD TV

9th (02:11:06) mexiumut

10th (02:16:25) BloatedHook302

11th (02:17:29) FierceWolf

12th (02:18:01) UndeadxLegends

13th (02:24:41) Mini_Dave

14th (02:27:57) Svo43

15th (02:27:58) GooseGanster

16th (02:28:46) Moss847

17th (02:36:11) damianixv12_PL

18th (02:38:30) GalaXy_7

19th (02:40:13) I>MARK

20th (02:41:16) MartyTheTrucker

21st (02:42:01) TheRealDezy

22nd (02:42:22) littleturk11

23rd (02:43:51) karloskillam

24th (02:45:47) Skalkery (FR)

25th (02:46:37) eduardini104

Congratulations to all participants who completed the Easter Egg Hunt 2019!

You will all receive a Profile Award to show-off your skills to the community.

And finally, a huge thank you to Numb3r2, Mike Dragon, Aek177, Gnl_Hugh122, iHobbit, and White Wolf for featuring as our hidden eggs this year! <3

-TruckersMP Team