TruckersMP 5th Anniversary

Dear players,

On this day 5 years ago, ETS2mp opened to the public for the very first time. Nowadays, ETS2mp is known as TruckersMP - and it is still growing as well as it ever has.

TruckersMP has come a long way since its official alpha release on the 1st of May 2014 (we unofficially launched in the late hours of the 30th of April though) so today we would like to reflect on where we have been as a community over these last few years, and to give a little insight as to where we are heading next. While years are split by the birthday of TruckersMP being on the 1st of May,


The mod was first released on this day, 1st of May, back in 2014 - it had been in development for many months, with the most essential pieces of code written in the early months of 2014; the spawning and synchronization of trucks and trailers. Over this year, the project gained many additional features and countless bug fixes. The original project began much earlier though, right after the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), when the user known as RootKiller created a fan Facebook page for the project. In August 2013, mwl4 joined the project as a developer; he is still our lead developer to this day. The story of the first year is told much better in this forum topic, written by former Project Leader RootKiller;


2015 saw the first birthday of the ETS2mp itself, and some new features started to be worked on. Double trailers were worked on by mwl4, however unfortunately did not make it into the game however SCS have since added them officially. 2015 also saw the announcement of American Truck Simulator (ATS), and it was speculated as to whether or not the project would be extended to cover ATS; as we all know now it was. To help with supporting ATS, which was being released as 64-bit only, a 64-bit version of ETS2mp was released in December 2015 to ease the transition from 32-bit when ATS was released.


Following directly where 2015 had left off, preparing for the release of ATS, the project was renamed to TruckersMP on the 30th of January 2016 alongside the release of the new website which is still in use today. On the 2nd of February 2016, SCS released ATS and just days after, TruckersMP was ported over and the first build of ATSmp was released to the public. ATS was not the only major change in 2016 though; January 2016 also saw the introduction of the current "6 chance" ban system and the introduction of our first in-game addon, the Scout car. The Scout car was a project originally intended as a police car for the In-Game Administrators (now known as Game Moderators) to use in roleplay situations, however on the 1st of May 2016, it was released as a complete feature that players could also use including a pilot paint scheme for the purposes of, appropriate, convoy leading.


2017 saw many changes, starting in April 2017 when the official Discord guild was opened to public, which also meant the end of our Teamspeak 3 support in October. The "Europe 3" (EU3) server was configured in August 2017 to have no cars but also no speedlimiter and with collisions on, a configuration which the server has kept since. Real Operations, our major roleplaying event, also began in 2017, with the first edition being run on the 7th of October - Real Operations stills runs every few months, though it has come a long way since 2017. November also saw the restricting of the upper staff roles, including the introduction of the Game Manager role which has helped keep the game heading in the right direction.


No time was wasted in 2018, with a major change right after new years; the introduction of the /fix command - it was not perfect but we, as we always will, listened to your feedback and fine tuned as the community wanted it. Still in January, we reached 2 million users on our platform. The Real Operations events continued to run on various days throughout the year, each becoming better than the one before it. April 2018 also saw a complete rework of the rules to make them easier to understand and easier for players to follow while still enjoying the game. June 2018 saw the first map edit added to TruckersMP, the second mod added to TruckersMP, to help resolve traffic issues during the World of Trucks event on ATS. The Scout car also got some much needed attention in 2018, with improved physics, more customisation options and the caravan.

This is not the entire history, there have been other changes and improvements, for example the VTC sections of the forums were reworked earlier this year.

Thank you for playing our mod and for being amazing. You are what makes this community, and this project, keep going. We have surpassed 2.5 million users and we are still growing. You give us feedback, give us ideas and generally give us a reason to keep going - so for that, we thank each and every one of you.

So... what will happen in 2019? Well, we won't be disappearing anytime soon, you can be sure of that. But in terms of changes coming this year: we have some cool stuff planned that we can't wait to reveal to you guys.

Thank you again for the journey so far, lets keep it going this year.

The TruckersMP Team



TruckersMP Add-on Manager