Throwback Thursday

Dear fellow truckers,

Over the course of the last five years, TruckersMP has changed and developed considerably with the introduction of new ranks, rules, updates and features to the modification. As we work to continue this development and further enhance the experience of our players, we don't want to forget and leave our past behind. What we do in the future is crucial, but what we have done and where we have come from is just as important.

In our newest project, Throwback Thursday, we want to share and recollect your stories of the past. Each Thursday we will post an image or video from you - our community - showcasing TruckersMP in the past. Along with it we will post your experience explaining and describing the story behind it. So what did you get up to when you first joined the community? How did you find the modification back then? What was your favourite part of your past TruckersMP experience? Do you remember the ETS2MP days? Be creative, dig out those old photos and videos from years ago and explain what they meant to you!

So how can we get involved?

  • Head over to the following forum topic: here.
  • Reply to this topic with one photo or video showcasing TruckersMP's past from your perspective. Along with it, write a short story or explanation outlining it and your experience at that time. We will collate the replies, and each Thursday choose a different one to share on our official social platforms.

We look forward to hearing your stories and experiences!

TruckersMP Team


Community Management