Updates to the VTC system

Hello truckers and VTC owners!

After a busy and successful release of the new VTC system we have now finished reviewing everything and finished up the updates to the rules and the requirements to qualify for a verified status.

What changes?

In short: requirements for a verified VTC status will now focus more on community involvement of the VTC which will make it harder to be able to meet the requirements making the status more significant. The requirements for a verified status can be found here. A new rule for VTCs has also been added regarding advertising on the VTC page. The VTC rules can be found here.

How does this impact VTCs that are already verified?

VTCs that are already verified will in time be re-evaluated and can lose the verified status if they no longer meet the requirements. The re-evaluation will start 1 month after this update (1 October 2019).

Update to VTC knowledge base

With this update we're also adding a new article to the knowledge base articles of the VTC system: a style guide to help you making your VTC page look awesome. This article can be found here.

See you out there!

TruckersMP team



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