Racing Championship - Autumn 2019

Greetings, truckers!

The leaves are losing their fresh green colour, and are starting to fall onto our roads. That can only mean one thing... The Racing Championship series is returning for Autumn!


The series brings together hundreds of keen truckers, each ready to push their truck to the limits by battling around our high-speed and twisting tracks!

Should you be in front at the final finish line, you will be crowned the third TruckersMP Racing Champion of 2019...

For our upcoming edition of the series, we will be returning to the States, and are excited to show you the action we've got planned for you in California!

It's worth noting that as opposed to previous editions, all truckers that attend will have an opportunity to compete in this event. The races will take place across both Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September.

You must be available for BOTH dates to enter!

Saturday 14th September | Qualifiers

The first day will be dedicated to qualifying for the Autumn championship. Here are the requirements and instructions on how to enter:

  • Be available from 15:30 UTC - Click here for more timezones. (The first race starts at 16:00 UTC. The event is expected to run for two-three hours).
  • Able to understand English (to understand event instructions).
  • Connect to the Racing Championship Autumn 2019 server.
  • Ensure your truck is fully fuelled, serviced, and prepared for racing.
  • Park at our Las Vegas meetup location (click here!), opposite the Services.

Please ensure you're familiar with the event rules before participating!

Eight players will be selected in a random order to compete in a drag race. This will continue until all players have competed.

After all of the races are concluded, the fastest 48 players will qualify for the Championship taking place the next day.

Additional players will have the chance to compete for a reserve spot in the Championship. Should a qualified player not turn up on Sunday, there will be a chance to take their spot.

Sunday 15th September | Championship

For everyone who qualified for the championship, this will be your big day! There are a lot of unique and challenging tracks prepared, ready for our 48 players to put their racing skills to the test.

If you qualified, please ensure you are available from 15:30 UTC (the first race starts at 16:00 UTC, and the event is expected to run for up to four hours).

Here's a quick overview of what to expect!

Round 1


The first track of the Championship features tight corners and lots of big jumps, as 48 players battle through the streets of San Francisco!

Round 2 - Quarter-Final


Taking place near the Los Angeles coast, this track features some risky corners, prone to knocking drivers out of the race completely...

Round 3 - Semi-Final


Combining high speed and perfect handling is essential in our Santa Cruz track. Only the bravest truckers will make it in front.

Round 4 - Final


The true test for our remaining 6 players, as they must combine pure speed and grip through the streets of Los Angeles. On this track, there is only one winner.


Being crowned our third Racing Champion of 2019 will also grant you the following rewards:

  • Exclusive Champion Award on your Profile, for all of your well-deserved bragging rights.


  • A hefty Steam gift card (converted to your local currency).


Additionally, each Championship qualifier will not leave empty-handed, as you will all receive a unique profile Award!

Feel free to post on our forum topic to ask questions, or let us know your thoughts!

-TruckersMP Team

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