Closure of our Facebook group

Greetings Truckers,

As many of you know and are apart of, we have a Facebook group called “TruckersMP International”. This group was launched in May 2016 and in 4 years, over 17,000 members have joined the group. Unfortunately, in the past few months, the group activity and behaviour in the group has lowered to the point where it was becoming a concern. After many discussions with our Community Moderation Management, the tough decision has been made to close this group on July 31st, 2020. It has not been an easy decision to make but due to the reasons aforementioned, we have ended up at this position.

We understand many will not be happy with the closure of the group but we ask you all to look at this as a move forward in improving interaction within the community. We invite members of the Facebook group to join us on our Discord, Forums and Instagram.

Some of you might have some questions. We have written up some FAQs we may expect from this which you can find below.

Why did you create the group if it was going to be deleted 4 years later?

As time goes by, so does social media. The group was created to fulfill the most popular social media at the time of the project creation, in order to make it reach the boundaries of the world and to reach new people to enjoy it. As many other forms of social media have been created, we have followed and unfortunately, it is now the time to leave Facebook behind.

Does this mean the Facebook page will be deleted as well?

No. We have no plans to delete our Facebook page as it seems that we still have a large amount of support on this platform and we will still remain to provide updates to our community who use Facebook.

Why don’t you hire more social media team members instead of closing it?

Community Moderation Management held public recruitments and internal recruitments multiple times to get people who were suited for the role. Unfortunately, we were unable to find people suitable to fulfil the demands and needs of moderating the group.

Why don't you enforce more/change rules instead of letting people do their stuff?

The rules for the group have been changed multiple times, however, these rule changes made very little effect. Many bots, spammers and fake accounts together caused a large influx of moderation that was needed against these users. On top of this, the European GDPR law caused issues internally with saving evidence. These two factors combined caused great difficulty with group moderation.

You're cutting off a large part of the community with this. How is this fair?

We understand some people are upset about us cutting off a part of the community here, unfortunately, in many cases, the behaviour in the group was to a point where we have had to make this decision. More moderators could have been hired but we were not going to allow some members to join who had terrible behaviour and could’ve potentially left the community in a worse place.

Why didn't you make any improvements to the Facebook group to improve behaviour earlier so that this wouldn't have happened?

We tried multiple times to make improvements however it brought no luck. Facebook is severely outdated compared to many other platforms we have community interaction. This made it particularly difficult to moderate the group which leads to the behaviour decreasing over time.

Thank you for understanding,

The TruckersMP Team

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