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Hello Truckers!

Today, we have really exciting news to share with you. If you were not already aware, we are partnered with TruckersFM, a community-ran online radio station created by and made for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator community.

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on support for TruckersFM. Today, we are happy to announce what we have added.


Together with TruckersFM, we have added two new features in-game; new TruckersFM related commands and a radio box.

TruckersFM related commands
We have added 6 new commands in-game related to TruckersFM.

/tfm-dj - Gets the current presenter/DJ on TruckersFM
/tfm-request <message> - Sends a song request to TruckersFM
/tfm-shoutout <message> - Sends a shoutout message to TruckersFM
/tfm-traffic <message> - Sends a traffic report to TruckersFM
/tfm-currentsong - Gets the current song playing on TruckersFM
/tfm-lastsong - Gets the last song played on TruckersFM

Radio Box
We have added a new box in-game which is dedicated to TruckersFM. This box displays live information from TruckersFM such as; the current presenter/DJ, last played song and the current song playing.


On our Discord guild, we have added the TruckersFM bot. The TruckersFM bot allows you to get all the information on TruckersFM on top of being able to listen to TruckersFM in our music channel!

We hope you are all excited as we are for these new features!

The TruckersMP Team

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