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Hello truckers,

We have received many questions on our social feeds about this, and today we are very excited to announce that we are supporting ProMods Canada on TruckersMP! If you didn't catch the stream, we joined some of the ProMods team for a drive through ProMods Canada on a private server. Watch this stream back here where the ProMods Developers answered some of the questions from the chat.

Something different compared to how ProMods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 works on TruckersMP is that ProMods Canada will be enabled on all servers. Despite the fact it will be enabled on all servers, it is optional to use it on the servers. This means with or without ProMods Canada, you will be able to connect to any American Truck Simulator server. If you don't have ProMods Canada installed, you will be able to drive in the base game area but with ProMods Canada you can also drive in the mod area.

Image from ProMods & TruckersMP staff drive

How do I install ProMods Canada so it works on TruckersMP?

Similarly to how it's done with ProMods on Euro Truck Simulator 2, you need to put the mod files into your normal American Truck Simulator mod folder as you would for installing single player mods. When you launch TruckersMP, the ProMods Canada files will be searched for, and it will automatically load the files (you don't need to worry about the mod manager). A step-by-step guide can be found here:

Where do I download ProMods Canada?

You can download ProMods Canada right now from our partner's website:

What DLCs are required to use ProMods Canada?

For ProMods Canada, you are only required to have the Oregon and Washington map DLCs!

We look forward to seeing you driving around ProMods Canada!

Happy trucking,
The TruckersMP Team

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