Operation HQ

Hey event enthusiasts!

Last year, we had so many awesome events like Real Operations, Easter Egg Hunt, TruckersMP 7, our Halloween events and of course our 12-hour Christmas Charity Convoy.

We want to kick this year off with a unique and meaningful event that is different from anything we have organized before.

Let us introduce to you: Operation HQ!

On May 1st 2014, Eryk "Rootkiller" Dwornicki and Michał "mwl4" Wójtowicz founded TruckersMP, a multiplayer platform; since then it has grown beyond what they first ever imagined. TruckersMP is now a well known, massive multiplayer online version of two originally single-player based games. Since the start of the project we have celebrated birthdays and milestones together as a community. After all these years, we would like to add something that symbolizes the roots of the TruckersMP community to the game. In order to accomplish this, we need your help! Operation HQ is a collaborative community event that brings everyone together to help build the TruckersMP Headquarters on the location where TruckersMP was originally founded: Wrocław, Poland.

How does the event work?
Starting today, to help us build the TruckersMP Headquarters, you can deliver special cargoes on any server to the construction site in Poland. You don’t require any DLCs! Please check out the map below to find the drop-off location.

At the moment, the area is being prepared for construction to begin. As time goes on and more equipment is delivered, the area will be updated to visually demonstrate the progress that the community has made thus far.
To ensure everything happens safely, our Event and Game Moderation Teams will be monitoring the traffic in the area and will redirect truckers in the right direction!


Deliver at least one of the following cargoes to the Operation HQ construction site:

  • Crane Tower
  • Crane Tower Upper
  • Iron Mesh
  • Iron Supports
  • Tower Crane Lower
  • TruckersMP Supplies

The deadline for the event is March 13th, 23:59 UTC.


If you participate and have completed the community goals mentioned above by the end of the event, you will be granted a special achievement on your profile. This achievement is unique and will be unattainable after the event is concluded:
image of achievement on profile

We will post updates on our social media pages, so please make sure to follow us there to not miss out on anything!
Twitter: @TruckersMP
Instagram: @TruckersMP.Official
Facebook: Truckers MP
Twitch: TruckersMP_Official
Discord: TruckersMP

🚌 Bus when 👀

Let’s unite and build our home together!
TruckersMP Team

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