TruckersMP Tournament 2022

Greetings, truckers!

It’s back again for 2022 and it’s even bigger. It's time to tear up the roads with the TruckersMP Tournament featuring our custom built Racing Circuit, Drag Strip, Knock the Cone and Reversing Challenge!

Make sure you set a reminder in your calendar for the 26th & 27th of March at 16:00 UTC Click here for more timezones. (The server will open at 15:00 UTC)

The tournament will see hundreds of truckers attending, each bringing their experience behind the wheel to reach for the prestigious golden title - Tournament Champion.

As well as a lot of high-speed action, we see a lot of spin-outs, crashes, jumps, and drifting on our track. We will also see many people smash through the cones on our unique Knock the Cone event. Sounds exciting? Keep on reading...

In the past month, Event Management has been converting an overgrown and abandoned Island just north of Amsterdam, into a place unlike no other. Let us introduce Haulie Island, with lovely beach views and of course a very crazy race track.

To get to our very own Island you will need to catch the ferry connections from Europort or Hull, we’ve even lowered the price of the ferry journey.

The event consists of five rounds spread over two days each with its own unique challenge. Each round will see some succeed and some unfortunately eliminated.

You must be available for the whole event to enter!

Tournament header

Day 1 - 26th March

Round One

Drag Strip

The first event will consist of drag races, with eight players competing in each race. Here are the requirements and instructions on how to enter:

  • Be available from 15:00 UTC - Click here for more timezones. (The first drag race starts at 16:00 UTC)
  • Able to understand English (to read event instructions).
  • Connect to the TruckersMP Tournament 2022 server.
  • Ensure your truck is fully fuelled, serviced, and prepared for the first event. (There is a service station and fuel station on the Island)
  • Meet up at Haulie Island using the ferry connections at Europort or Hull.

Please ensure you're familiar with the event rules before participating! Eight players will be selected from the queue (first come first served) to compete in a drag race. How many players qualify depends on how many players attend. For example, if 216 players compete, only half will qualify, meaning the fastest 4 out of 8 from each race will qualify. The maximum number that can compete is 432 players (Which means the top two qualify from each race)!

After all of the races are concluded, the fastest 108 players will qualify for the next round.

If you didn't qualify, there may still be an opportunity! Should a qualified player not turn up for their event, we will randomly select a runner up, should you be online.

Round 2

Knock the Cone

For everyone who qualified for the championship, this will be your big moment! It’s time for the infamous Knock the Cone event which will see a test of speed and braking. How late do you dare to slam on?

If you qualified, please ensure you are online throughout as we will start to place you concurrently alongside the first event.

Here's a quick overview of what to expect!

There will be one practice run only, so you can get a feel for where the cones are at the end of the strip.

Your aim is to knock the front cone (marked by the first of the two white lines) over WITHOUT hitting the back two over (marked by the second of the two white lines). If you hit the back cones (or cross the second line) you will be disqualified. The first to hit the first cone but not the second is the winner!

Day 2 - 27th March

Round 3 Quarter-Final

Reversing Challenge

It’s time for day 2 of the Tournament which will start at 15:00 UTC! Click here for more timezones. (The server will open at 14:00 UTC)

Having survived Knock the Cone this next challenge will require you to hitch up your trailer as we test your reversing skills to the max with a set of different challenges.

You will race against the clock in your booth supervised by an eager pair of eyes watching for you to cross the line. This is a time trial event with each challenge getting more complex and sees one person eliminated each time you progress until only two remain!

Be careful you don't want to cross the line else you will have to start again!

You can shunt forward as many times as you like providing you remain within the lines. However, this should be a last resort as you will be racing against the others in your heat!

Round 4 Semi-Final


Congratulations on making it this far!

You will now get the chance to race on our coveted Island Racing Circuit!

You will race against six other players on our track with your starting position being judged by your finishing time on the last reversing challenge!

The top three from both races will qualify for the final!

Round 5 Final


You're in the final!

This is the last race of the series and you've managed to outrun (or brake) the competition and you will not leave empty handed!

Survive this round to be crowned the Tournament Champion!

The races will be streamed on the official TruckersMP Twitch channel!



Each Championship qualifier will receive a unique profile award!


If you make it 2nd or 3rd on the final you won’t go home empty-handed

3rd Place - 5 EUR Steam Gift Card + Map DLC of your choice.

2nd Place - 10 EUR Steam Gift Card + Map DLC of your choice.

Tournament Champion

Being crowned the Tournament Champion will also grant you the following rewards:

  • Exclusive Champion Award on your profile, for all of your well-deserved bragging rights.

  • 25 EUR Steam Gift Card + Map DLC of your choice.

Gift cards will be automatically converted to your local currency via Steam.

-TruckersMP Team

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