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It is essential for us to continuously monitor the state of the community and understand our user's needs and expectations. Moreover, we strive towards providing a great experience to our users. We therefore invite you to our Community Survey 2023 to inform us how well we are currently performing, and to highlight areas for improvement.

Claim your unique profile Award and join our Steam gift card/Discord Nitro subscription giveaway! As a token of appreciation for your participation in our annual Community Survey, you will be able to claim a unique profile Award that is displayed on your user profile on our website:

profile Award

In addition, we will also be giving away prizes (choose between a €10 Steam gift card OR a one month Discord Nitro subscription) to five lucky winners that will be randomly picked! Instructions on how to claim the profile Award and how to enter the giveaway are provided at the end of the survey.

This survey is expected to take about 10 minutes and can be completed anonymously. The survey will be closed 11.59 PM (UTC) on Thursday, August 31st.

Click here to participate in the survey!

This survey is available in the following languages:

  • English | 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇨🇦 🇳🇿
  • Deutsch | 🇩🇪
  • Español | 🇪🇸 🇲🇽
  • Français | 🇫🇷 🇨🇦
  • Norsk | 🇳🇴
  • Nederlands | 🇳🇱 🇧🇪
  • Polski | 🇵🇱
  • Português | 🇵🇹 🇧🇷
  • Română | 🇷🇴
  • Русский | 🇷🇺
  • Türkçe | 🇹🇷
  • 简体中文 | 🇨🇳 🇸🇬 🇲🇾
  • 繁體中文 | 🇨🇳 🇭🇰 🇹🇼 🇲🇴

In case you have any questions, we are happy to assist you through our feedback system (via "Community Management") or @ModMail in our Discord server.

Thank you!
The TruckersMP Team

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