New Rank: Game Administrator Leader

Dear Players!

As you will have noticed we have made another new rank public this week. The title of this new rank is "Game Administrator Team Leader."

To continue efforts to improve our teamwork and systems further we have been trying out this rank over the past few months to help improve management of our Trial and Game administrators. As of now, there are 6 team leaders for Trial and In-Game admins who manage their own team of up to 10 admins.

Some of the main roles of Admin Leaders are the following;

  • Weekly and Monthly Activity checks
  • Weekly and Monthly Quota checks
  • Checking Appeals and Reports dealt with
  • Assisting Project Managers with Promotions and Demotions, noting that it is still up to the Project Managers to take those actions.

Admin Teamleaders are still required to keep to Admin quotas and do all the same stuff that Admins do.

Admin Teamleaders when needed are chosen from the current Adminstration Team.

Happy trucking!



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