Community Success Stories Part 3 - TruckersMP Community Radios (2/3)

Dear Players!

Welcome to the third edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories.



Truckers.FM is a non-profit community radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, bringing your favourite tunes right to your in-cab radio on ETS2 and ATS. Our shows range from chart toppers on the ‘Weekend Countdown’ to a relaxed ‘TFM and Chill’ with DJ Mark. Our fantastic team of volunteer presenters from around the globe dedicate their time to the station, taking song requests, giving shout-outs to drivers. twitch streamers and gamers as they truck across the the world of TruckersMP. At TruckersFM we are centered around the community, We love to help advertise Virtual Trucking Companies, convoys and the latest community events, such as Truckfests. We also provide our listeners with real-time traffic updates (Especially between Calais and Duisburg!) via the Twitch CCTV Cameras from Kat_PW.

Truckers.FM is dedicated to working with the community, and have supported many Virtual Trucking Companies and TMP Events. In the two years we have been around, TFM has raised money for Charity drives with Flagship Events, Have supported the release of American Truck Simulator & New DLC’s and have been featured in a blog post from the wonderful team at SCS Software. We have highlighted the amazing work of the TruckersMP team with a live Q&A on air with Clarkinator, become officially partnered with Discord to bring together an amazing community with over 2000 members, provided a free platform for VTC’s, Twitch streamers and communities to advertise on, and provided the latest in SCS Software and TruckersMP news to our social media following of over 8000 strong.

TruckersFM prides itself in providing high quality entertainment to drivers in-game, online or on the go, but running a radio station like TFM is no easy task; it takes a team of 50+ members to keep things running smoothly. From Troll Patrol Admin Chris to Mellow Magic Mark, It’s all in a day’s work for the wonderful team at TFM Towers! So far this year, TFM has taken in over 110,000+ requests from avid listeners, over 5000 hours of live shows and have even had listeners into the thousands during special events such as TFM #ONE with the support of SCS Software and Scania.

“We are proud of our incredible team and what we have created here” says TFM Admin Jon. “We knew from the moment we started that it wouldn’t be easy, but we also knew how much we would enjoy supporting and entertaining the TruckersMP community.” It all sparked from an idea put together by the original founding members of TFM: Pascal (@TFM_Pascal), Alex (@TFM_London), Mark (@TFM_Mark), and Chris (@ChrisPatrols), who, along with many of the volunteer presenters and staff, make up the popular radio station. “It is the trucking community, we are most grateful for” says London. “Without their support throughout our time on the air, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

We are especially grateful for our patreon supporters who ensure the upkeep of TruckersFM with their generous support.

For more information, you can visit their website and social media:
TruckersFM Site: http://Truckers.FM
TruckersFM Facebook:
TruckersFM Twitter:

(By: LondonLad)

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Here is some images of people listening to TFM in real life trucks!




Ex-staff member, 2015-2018